YIKES: Joe Biden's Talking to Dead People Again – and It's Not Pretty

I reported earlier on a campaign event where Joe Biden spoke in Las Vegas on Sunday.

He actually went to a few places and basically delivered the same speech, just with slight pandering variations, talking about unions to the union audience at the MGM, for example. 

I wondered what they must think about supporting the campaign or donating money to Biden when they meet him, then see and hear all the confusion and the incoherence. It’s getting worse. It used to be he’d have maybe a moment of confusion or a couple of gaffes. Now, every speech has more confusion and the remarks are more rambling than ever. He seems to be losing organization of thought in his delivery. As I noted, there was a great deal of confusion in his Las Vegas remarks. 

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But I can’t mention the subject of Las Vegas without noting one remark that he made at the Pearson Community Center that is just on another level of befuddlement. He was talking to dead people again, apparently. 

Biden explained how, right after he was elected, he went to a G7 meeting (presumably in 2021) “with all the NATO leaders.” G7 and NATO leaders are not the same thing. G7 is a smaller subset, so it would not be “all the NATO leaders.” You would think the alleged leader of the U.S. would know that. 

He said he met with leaders and told them, “America is back.” Imagine the pomposity of that statement from the guy who has probably done more to damage the reputation of the U.S. abroad than anyone else who’s occupied the Oval Office. But what he said next was something else. 

“And Mitterand from Germany — I mean, from France– looked at me and said — said, ‘You know, what — why — how long you back for?'” Biden said. 

As Raheem Kassam notes in the tweet, Mitterand was the French president between 1981 and 1995. He also died in 1996. 

So how could Joe have been talking to him in 2021, 25 years later? 

Now we know that Biden makes up all kinds of stories. But when he’s inventing fantasies about talking to dead people, that’s extra concerning. And if he doesn’t know the difference between Emmanuel Macron and Francois Mitterand, two very different people, physically and otherwise, that’s another big problem. 

How do we have someone in office who is this confused? This is also going on as he seems to be trying to sleepwalk us into World War III. 

This isn’t the first time he’s tried to talk to dead people, such as when he tried to talk to Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN), who he thought was in the audience, without remembering she had recently died, and he had signed a special recognition of her passing. Then there was last month when he said he’d just taken a picture with a member of Congress, Rep. Deborah Ross. But then he said that wasn’t so because she wasn’t there at that event. When you’re this confused, you should not be in such an office. 


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Hey, “America’s back!” 

But nothing to see here…he’s totally fine. 

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