'Woke' Insanity Continues: University Professor Says Traditional Marriage Promotes 'White Supremacy'

The following story illustrates the reality of the insane world of the woke in today’s America and our desensitized reaction to it.

Let’s be frank: 

The radical woke are hellbent on destroying every moral tradition in this country, including traditional marriage. Or, as a George Mason University professor chooses to call it, “marriage fundamentalism.”

Marriage fundamentalism,” argues Professor Bethany Letiecq, is an “ideology and cultural phenomenon in which adherents espouse the superiority of the two-parent married family.” 

It gets weirder.

According to Letiecq, the federal government has coerced:

its citizens to enter into an institution built upon White heteropatriarchal supremacy [that allows white heterosexual couples] to gain access to benefits, rights, and protections.

First, can you imagine what it must be like to be this obsessed with race? 

I mean, what the hell is wrong with these people, be they white, or black — like MSNBC’s race-hustling Joy Reid or ABC’s “The View” host Sunny Hostin, for example? What pathetic lives to live.

Second, I think the professor missed the memo about how traditional couples all over the world, including in the U.S., have embraced marriage for hundreds of years, if not longer — and that not all those couples have been white.

Letiecq sums up her idiotic theory by absurdly claiming that only white heterosexual couples reap the social and financial benefits of traditional marriage, which she says are subsidized by the government. At the same time, she claims, minority couples don’t enjoy any such benefits. That’s a demonstrably false claim — but you already knew that.

Marriage scholar Brad Wilcox disagrees with Professor Letiecq, telling The College Fix in an email:

Marriage is an institution that has advanced the common good in many civilizations, from Europe to the Americas, and from Asia to Africa. Marriage benefits children of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Raise your hand if you think Professor Letiecq is even close to familiar with the statistics of black nuclear families in urban America vs. fatherless families in which young boys often turn to the streets in search of authority figures. (Note: No raised hands.)

Terry Schilling, president of American Principles Project, a pro-family group told The College Fix that the benefits of strong nuclear families are “unimpeachable.”

Although the social science on the immense benefits of strong, intact families is unimpeachable, this author simply waves them away. [Letiecq] ignores the extreme harm that has come to minority Americans as a result of family breakdown in their communities.

We need to be doing what we can right now to shore up the family, not tear it down. Otherwise, our society won’t be ‘reproducing’ much of anything in the very near future.

Schilling was right, of course, but, as Hillary Clinton might ask, what difference does it make? 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the efforts of Schilling’s group and others, along with the support of traditional-values Americans, the rabid left will continue its damnedest to destroy every moral institution in America until they succeed — or are rendered meaningless by the moral among us.


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