Whoopi Goldberg's Latest Conspiracy Theory on Donald Trump Is the Best Projection Ever

If there’s one thing that occurs frequently in politics, it is the ability to project what you’re doing wrong onto somebody else. 

The art of projecting is something that is probably learned at an early age by children attempting to deflect blame. Who hasn’t gotten caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar and then immediately blamed another member of the family, insisting that they’re the ones doing X?

This art of projection was used frequently during Donald Trump’s first term when it seemed that anything and everything could be attributed to his and his family‘s conduct. Lo and behold, we see that Joe Biden and his brood are guilty of the very things of which they accuse Trump and his family.

Whether it was shady dealings in Russia or Ukraine or one of the kids making illicit business dealings behind the scenes or hiding documents, Biden and his brood have felt comfortable pointing the finger and accusing others of doing the very things that they were doing.

Why, just yesterday, we had a former Special Counsel who investigated Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents testify before Congress, and the Democrats, for most of the hearing, wanted to try and turn the table to say, “BUT DONALD TRUMP!”  Democrats Are Seething After Robert Hur’s Testimony, and the Highlights Are Brutal for Joe Biden

Hur did not back down on his assessment of Biden’s memory, proclaiming that the “president himself” made it an issue. In one case, the president tried to deflect from his inability to recall an event by claiming his son had died in the same year. As Hur notes, Beau Biden actually died two years earlier, in 2015. The White House lied about that exchange in the initial aftermath of the report, claiming that it was the special counsel who brought up Beau Biden. The president repeated that assertion during a disastrous press conference. The transcript, which Hur had at the ready during the hearing, showed otherwise. 

On that same topic, Hur was asked about whether the White House pressured him to change parts of his report to protect Biden politically. He confirmed that did happen, sharing details of a letter in which it was demanded that mentions of Biden’s failing memory be removed. 

Another big blow to Democrats came when Rep. Pramila Jayapal tried to claim that Hur had “exonerated” the president. The former special counsel responded by flatly denying that his report did any such thing. 

It is a pure projection of what their side is trying to hide — on full display for the nation to see.

Then the Biden bunch gets accused of altering photos like that Kate lady over in England Biden White House Faces Uncomfortable Questions After Princess ‘KateGate’ Photo Editing Controversy

Now enter stage left, Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow cohorts from “The View,” who spread projection and nonsense with the latest incoherent drivel spilled on Wednesday.

During the segment, Joy Behar named other politicians who could peddle wares like Noem, suggesting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sell “platform shoes,” while reminding the panel that Trump already has “those ridiculous sneakers,” referring to his $399 Never Surrender High-Tops.

“They all have a product now!” Behar exclaimed. “This is the United States of America.”

Goldberg used her co-host’s mention of Trump to share her latest thoughts on the 2024 Republican hopeful.

“I have to say this before we go: I don’t believe Trump is out there,” she confessed. “I think that’s an AI of him.”

As the table reacted in awe at Goldberg’s admission, she only doubled.

“I think a lot of that has been AI,” she said. “That’s just my opinion, but that’s what I think.”

I love the part where Goldberg says, “That’s what I think,”  when it is pretty clear that thinking is something she quit doing many moons ago.

Now I know that it has been floated that Donald Trump is not on his A-game, at least not how he was when he first broke into the political scene in 2015-2016. That could be argued because that was a full eight years ago, and everybody is getting older and slowing down.

However, Whoopi’s boy, Joe, is diminished. 

The horse she picked in this race, Sleepy Joe Biden, is limping, and she needs to project that the horse now favored to win, Daring Donald Trump, is the one limping when it is clear that it is the opposite.

For the past three months, Donald Trump has been gaining momentum for several reasons, whether it’s the economy or the policies that worked under his administration and haven’t with Joe’s. Yet I can’t find anybody willing to honestly say that Joe Biden is more on his game and more competent than Donald Trump.

That might be a plot on a reality TV show, but that’s not reality day in and day out.

Let’s try to understand the crazy of what Whoopi is trying to sell here: If you think the technology for artificial intelligence is at the point where somebody who’s at a live event can be replaced or enhanced with AI, and the Democrats have not yet used it on Joe Biden, who is clearly failing in his old age, Ted Kennedy still has a bridge to sell you in Chappaquiddick.

That is a pretty Grand Canyon-like leap of logic, and if it could have been done, David Axelrod would not have come out just a couple of months ago and indicated that it was time for Joe to step aside for the good of the party and the country.

So project away all you want, Whoopi.

Keep spewing nonsense, and you will ensure Donald Trump wins in November of 2024, and you might even get an AI projection of you leaving the country.

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