When You've Lost Michael Moore: The Democrat Defections From Biden Continue

Conservatives, libertarians, right-leaning independents, and anyone to the right of “The Daily Worker” can disagree on any number of things. Still, one thing we all can agree on is that Michael Moore is a perfectly horrible person. His politics would not be out of place in East Germany; he is a serial dissembler and a cinematic muckraker.

But, as the saying goes, even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then, and that certainly applies to Michael Moore; he’s right to point out that the people fighting to keep Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential race are committing elder abuse.

“The problem here is that I think there’s a form of elder abuse going on here, where the Democratic Party and the people that are part of the apparatus are pushing and pushing and pushing him to stay,” the “Fahrenheit 9/11” director told MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin in an interview Sunday.

“In spite of my criticisms about Gaza with Biden, watching the debate a week ago was heartbreaking,” Moore said of the president’s performance late last month against former President Trump in Atlanta. 

I can see how viewers on the left — and Michael Moore is way out there on the left — would find that debate performance heartbreaking. Many of us on the right would have found it giggle-inducing if it wasn’t so pathetic. Moore is correct in his observation that there is a big case of elder abuse going on, and we can easily imagine a member of our own family being put through an ordeal like that. For any normal family, that would be an outrage.

But for the Bidens?

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Moore continues:

“Imagine that was your father up there. … Why isn’t anybody doing anything? Why did they do it? Why did they even let him go out on the stage in this condition? Who was looking out for him? Who’s looking out for him right now?” Moore exclaimed.

Anyone with older family members, he said, has “seen the decline of the people we love as they get older. It’s normal. It happens.”

“That’s not to say that somebody shouldn’t be able to be president at 81 — I don’t believe that,” he continued.

“This is not an ageist attitude here,” the 70-year-old Academy Award winner said. 

Again — amazingly — he’s not wrong. And he’s also correct in pointing out that this isn’t an issue of age but one of capacity; I can think of one example just off the top of my head, Alan Dershowitz, who is 85 and still one of the greatest legal minds in the republic.

But Alan Dershowitz isn’t running for president. Joe Biden is.

When Republicans find themselves agreeing with Michael Moore on an issue like this, well, there can be no stronger statement that something needs to be done. This isn’t just a matter of politics; it’s not about Republicans or Democrats or even about the presidential election. This is a simple matter of human decency. Joe Biden is not fit for the presidency; he has not been for some time. His continued physical and mental deterioration appears to be accelerating, and the trials and tribulations of a presidential campaign can only be aggravating that decline.

The Biden family should have long since taken matters in hand and convinced their supposed patriarch to step away for his sake, for the sake of his family, and the sake of the republic. For Pete’s sake, even Michael Moore can see it, and no more blindly partisan leftist exists on the planet. I think we all know, however, that those factors aren’t a priority for the Biden family, just as we know that befuddled old Joe Biden isn’t really the guy in charge.

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