WATCH: Trump Comes Up With a New Name for Biden During Rally in Virginia—It's Right on Target

In the wake of the first debate, Joe Biden and his team have been doing all they can to try to spin away the disaster.

But it isn’t doing much good. He is getting savaged in all the media over how badly he did. Plus, on Friday, Biden continued to be incoherent and screaming in North Carolina, and went into pandering overdrive in New York City for the Stonewall monument visit. 

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump went to a rally in Virginia on Friday. Virginia, which should have been safe blue for Biden, is now in play because of the strength of Trump and the weakness of Biden. 


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People began lining up hours before the event was scheduled to begin in Chesapeake, some as many as 15 hours ahead of time:

WAVY TV 10 said there were about 10,000 people out. 

Trump spoke about how Biden got everything he wanted with the debate–from the network to the rules to the moderators–but nothing could help him “defend his atrocious record”:

Trump said the question wasn’t whether Biden could stand up for 90 minutes, it was whether “America can survive” four more years of Joe Biden:

But then he dropped a new name for Joe Biden. Especially in the wake of the debate where Joe lied his head off, the name was very apropos: 

People loved the new name. 

Trump said if he wins Virginia, that means he’s going to win the election, and he urged people to get out and vote. 

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