WATCH: Bobulinski Accuses Hunter and Jim Biden of Perjury, Lights Up Goldman and Raskin, Chaos Ensues

Former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski is a brave man, as he showed during his testimony on Wednesday.

He testified before the House Oversight Committee and he didn’t hold back, despite all the smack that the Biden team has been throwing at him. 

You could tell it was going to be a hot time in the testimony from the very outset, as the Chair of the Committee, James Comer, recognized Bobulinski for his opening statement. 

Bobulinski asked if he should allow Hunter to testify first, a pointed barb that Biden had not bothered to show up despite saying he wanted to testify publicly. The committee asked the question why was Hunter afraid to testify? 

Bobulinski said that Hunter Biden “lied throughout his testimony” in his closed-door interview. Bobulinski also said that Jim Biden “lied” including about a meeting he had with Bobulinski, Hunter and Joe Biden. 

Bobulinski said Jim Biden still denied that meeting took place, and that Hunter even confirmed it in his interview. 

Bobulinski said the people who claim democracy is on the ballot in 2024 continue to lie to the American people. He let loose on Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY)l, saying they would “continue to lie again in this hearing” and go straight to the media with their lies after. 

That’s when you could hear a disruption as Raskin tried to cut in and stop Bobulinski. Comer had to call for order and apologized for the “disruption from the minority.” Raskin was furious that Bobulinski had called him a liar and wanted to know if the same rules applied to witnesses as to members. Comer indicated no and let Bobulinski continue his statement. 

Good for Bobulinski. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone just lay it all out there like that, and the Democrats are losing their minds over it. Raskin and Goldman are finally getting the calling out that they deserve. They’re not used to having anyone confront them like that. Jamie Raskin’s face was priceless — he was so mad as he tried to stop Bobulinski. They couldn’t stop it, and people loved it. 

More is going to come out and they aren’t going to like it. It’s going to get through to more people. That’s a great thing. 

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