Tutor Perini, Black Construction win $74.4M military base project

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Award: Andersen Air Force Base Child Development Center
Value: $74.4 million
Location: Guam
Client: U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command, Pacific District

Tutor Perini will stay within its corporate family to build a new facility to serve military families impacted by a typhoon that hit Guam last year. 

The Los Angeles-based contractor said it won a $74.4 million contract to build a child development center at Andersen Air Force Base on the island, a U.S. territory in the Mariana Island chain in Micronesia. It will carry out construction under a joint venture with its subsidiary, Black Construction. 

Tutor Perini said the scope of work will include:

  • A single-story, reinforced concrete building consisting of child development spaces. 
  • Core administration, staff support and facility support spaces. 
  • Outdoor storage and activity spaces and related work. 

The joint venture will also perform sitework, including grading, landscaping, walkways, fencing, equipment and trash enclosures, sewer, water, electrical and telecommunication utilities. 

Environmental mitigation will also be part of the job, including conserving cultural and natural resources, as well as removing any munitions and explosives of concern discovered during the project. 

During World War II, Guam fell just one week after Pearl Harbor to Japan, which occupied it until 1944, when U.S. forces retook the island. Leftover munitions from the era can still be found there today, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers maintains a Guam Unexploded Ordnance Safety information page.

The base’s original child development center was severely damaged last year during Typhoon Mawar, and remained closed for 11 months. That posed a challenge to active service families there, who sometimes had to coordinate their meetings so that one parent could watch children while the other worked, according to a news release from Andersen.  

Tutor Perini announced its joint contract with Black Construction to build the new center just three weeks after the original one reopened, subsequent to nearly a year of repairs. 

Tutor Perini said the JV will begin construction on the new facility this summer and expects to complete the job in summer of 2026. 

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