Trump PAC Drops Blistering Ad Showing What Dems Are Giving Us on the Border—'Joe Biden's Middle Finger'

Biden’s border crisis has been in the news lately—and rightly so. The president’s disastrous policies have allowed anywhere between five to ten million illegal immigrants into the U.S. since he took office and dismantled former President Donald Trump’s programs, creating a humanitarian and security nightmare.

Meanwhile, Senate negotiators released a new proposed “border security bill” Sunday night. The deal was struck in private, is a disaster, and probably has zero chance of passing.

Biden and his crew have been busy trying to explain that he is powerless to solve the situation without new legislation and more money, a preposterous position given that he could literally solve things quickly simply by enforcing existing laws.

Trump has certainly taken note of the situation, and on Tuesday, the “MAGA Inc. War Room” PAC delivered a devastating takedown of Biden’s epic failures. Suitably titled “Joe’s Biden’s Middle Finger,” the powerful spot shows exactly how the president has been flipping the bird to the American public for three years now.


The ad centers heavily around the illegals who beat two NYPD officers in Times Square in late January and were promptly let go by notoriously soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who inexplicably set them loose with no bail. 

Just like Joe Biden, they promptly flipped us the bird.


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The ad showed how Biden is just playing games when he claims he doesn’t have the authority to do anything about the crisis:

In the spot, titled “Joe Biden’s Middle Finger,” the Make America Great Again, Inc. PAC highlighted Biden’s pledge to reverse Trump’s hardline immigration policies and blamed him for the border crisis.

“Joe Biden’s open border policies are a middle finger to every law-abiding American. He has the power to stop the invasion and yet he is doing nothing,” spokesman Alex Pfeiffer told The Post.

Here’s the message Joe Biden and illegal alien cop-beater Jhoan Boada have for America:

Bill Melugin of Fox News weighed in

This ad by the Trump team is right on the money. Whether you are a Trump fan or not, this spot highlights just how badly Biden has failed the country and how he continues to try to gaslight us with his deceitful claims that he is “powerless.”

More like this, please.


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