The Ultimate and Most Despicable Lie President Joe Biden Mumbled During the Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate of this election cycle was one for the history books. June 27th will go down in history as the time when every person watching saw the president of the United States get steamrolled on national television. Both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden traded barbs and at times, they both said things that weren’t true. But it was Joe Biden who uttered the most egregious and insulting falsehood when he bragged about not losing any American servicemembers to hostile actions. To make it worse, he couldn’t utter the lie without tripping up on his words, mumbling half of them, and sounding like a man struggling to breathe. 

Biden had the nerve to blatantly lie about not having any troops killed in combat during his watch. He is so blinded by hate and disgust for Trump and the possibility of losing the election that he felt the need to try and hit Trump where it hurts. But he only succeeded in a few other things. Biden made himself out to be a bitter old man with a horrible selective memory, but more importantly, he made himself out to look like an immature and insensitive person. 

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As a Combat Veteran and someone who has lost men and brothers in combat and to suicide, there is one thing that is off limits to politicians when debating foreign policy and or wars, you DO NOT EVER brag about losing fewer people or none at all to combat action. Unfortunately, we as warfighters get used as political pawns more and more these days, which is wrong in my humble opinion. However, bragging about successful military operations like Operation Neptune Spear, which saw the killing of Osama Bin Laden, does bring a sense of pride and joy to the average American citizen. 

President Biden broke that faith with us, he spoke the unspeakable to Trump in a pathetic and vain attempt at bringing Trump to his knees. Biden lied about what he said, and that is the first insult. The president made the decision to pull out of Afghanistan the way he did, even against the recommendations of the Joint Chiefs and the commanders on the ground. Biden unilaterally decided to pull out haphazardly and recklessly, which resulted in 11 United States Marines, one Navy Corpsman, and another Army soldier killed in a suicide bomber blast that wounded dozens more on that August day in 2021. To this day, Biden’s response to the criticism is blase at best, but the facts still remain, he lost 13 American troops that day. Then in January of this year, two U.S. Navy SEALs were initially listed as missing but later confirmed as killed in action as they were attempting to board a vessel at night that was carrying illegal weapons. Three more American Soldiers were killed in an Iranian-backed Hezbollah drone strike on their base in Jordan. 

President Biden has had at least 18 United States servicemembers killed in action in the past three-plus years since he has been in office. I do not know what makes that lie worse; the fact that he legitimately forgot about them would show he truly doesn’t care. Or the fact that Biden hates Trump so much that he will say whatever it is he needs to say, as long as it makes Trump look horrible. I think it is both and more. 

It wasn’t the “flex” that Biden thought it would be to say that, even if it was true. But the fact is, he lied, he has lost American troops to combat action. But that is not a bad thing, being killed in combat is all part of the dangers of our job descriptions. We go where we are told and fight who we’re told to fight, it’s our job. But when you attempt to brag to someone else who HAS lost people that you have never lost anyone, that, my friend, is disgusting. I would be hard-pressed to hear someone brag to me about not losing anyone in combat and not knocking them into the next century — it is something you do not do. The hardest thing for any commander, including the president of the United States, as the National Command Authority, is to order the death of those that you love. In all of our nation’s history, 99.99 percent of the time when our troops are ordered into harm’s way, there have been casualties. Every commander, at least among the good ones, is forever scarred by that and carries the ghosts of their men on their backs until their dying day. 

So President Biden was not acting in good faith when he said what he did. He was showing his true colors and that he is a hateful, disgusting old man who needs to step down and or aside. He is not in full control of his faculties, and he is, by far, one of the worst commanders-in-chief that this nation has ever had. 

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