The Impeachment Inquiry Is a Distraction From McCarthy's Attempt to Avoid a Government Shutdown

We now have an impeachment inquiry underway. Republicans in the House will be utilizing more investigative and subpoena tools to get everything they believe they will need to score an impeachment against Joe Biden. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to look to you and me.

But the problem is that, no matter how you do the math, there’s no way you’re going to successfully impeach Joe Biden. Republicans will be left with a loss on an issue that will, at best, leave voters questioning how serious they are. 

An impeachment inquiry scratches a lot of our itches – we know that Biden was involved with his son’s business, and we know he should be held accountable. There is simply too much smoke in the room for us to think there isn’t a fire somewhere. Republicans just have not found it yet. Perhaps the extra subpoena powers will help. Perhaps they won’t.

Yesterday, news broke that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy was planning to tell the conference in a closed-door meeting that he would endorse an impeachment inquiry. That meeting was supposed to happen on Thursday, according to the reports at the time. But after the news broke, it appeared that McCarthy moved up his timeline and announced it immediately. However, while the Speaker told everyone this was about justice, behind the scenes it appears this is about putting out multiple fires of his own.

He is being challenged from his right. Matt Gaetz is trying to rally support from other conservatives to topple McCarthy as Speaker. The Freedom Caucus has been eyeing a government shutdown over spending bills. Senate Republicans are at odds with their House counterparts. It’s not a great time to be McCarthy.

An impeachment inquiry is his only option, but it is a distraction. While conservatives can scratch the itch of attempting to take down a president every Republican believes is corrupt, McCarthy has essentially ensured that they can’t let the government shut down now.

You can get documents, transcripts, emails, and other important information from executive branch departments that are closed due to a government shutdown. There’s the rub: In order to scratch the impeachment itch, you have to keep the government open. McCarthy knows this, as do Senate Republicans, who are saying they won’t trash the impeachment effort.

Big red flag there.

Some folks, like Congressman Chip Roy, don’t appear to be happy with this outcome, if this speech is anything to go by.

And he’s right: Why should we fund a government that has been weaponized against its people? Why should we let the DOJ and IRS, among others, continue to operate in the way they have? 

Impeachment is little more than a distraction from the fact that the House is about to ram through a massive spending bill that continues the country down an impossible slope, and at the bottom is ruin. But they don’t care because the people wanting to pass the bill, regardless of party, are more interested in the well-being of the government rather than the well-being of the people. We can’t go on like this, and yet the politicians do it anyway.

An impeachment inquiry gives conservatives power to investigate Biden further, but it comes at the expense of fiscal responsibility. It is an insanely risky gamble, one being made in an attempt for one made to retain power, not hold another man responsible for power he has abused. We shouldn’t let that slide.

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