Start-up develops ‘innovative process’ to improve nutrient uptake in skin care formulations

Nanotechnology start-up Hydrosome Labs has “developed a natural and chemical-free process improving the power of water through the emerging science of ultrafine bubbles,” according to the company in a recent press release.

The innovation “will create a new ingredient brand for firms using water to deliver active ingredients”, said the company, which added that it plans to “announce a licensing deal with a major beauty company known for its innovative technologies in a few months…that company is calling the new ultrafine bubble technology the next big breakthrough in skin care”.

Hydrosome Labs, whose R&D team includes members from prominent industry leaders, including Nestle and P&G, expects to close a Series A round of fundraising this spring. It also recently completed a seed funding round last year.

To learn more about Hydrosome Labs’ breakthrough ultrafine bubble technology, including the R&D process behind the discovery, its anticipated impact on cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers and suppliers, and the start-up’s plan for further innovation and development in this space, we spoke to Bob Jacobs, President of Hydrosome Labs for his insights.

Jacobs has a degree in Chemical Engineering and began his career in the personal care product space at P&G, where he managed the manufacturing process for Head & Shoulders. From there, he transitioned into marketing, spending most of his twenty-year career with P&G marketing brands like Crest and Thermacare.

R&D process

Jacobs said the innovation’s R&D processes focused “primarily on three main areas: ultrafine bubble production, characterization, and application testing.” The patented technology “technology to create ultrafine bubbles [is] based on principles of hydrodynamic cavitation (we call our unique bubbles Hydrosomes),” he explained, and “this technique allows us to produce ultrafine bubbles of a particular size and concentration with each production run.”

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