Sen. Kennedy Just Levels Janet Yellen on Bidenomics and High Prices

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) has a genteel way when he starts questioning people. 

He welcomes them, thanks them for coming, praises some aspect of what they’ve done. 

Then he proceeds to just rip them to shreds. In a nice way. It’s always enjoyable to watch. 

He did it again when he was questioning Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen about Bidenomics on Thursday. 

This is pretty good. 

You’re a good sport to go out every day and try to defend Bidenomics. It’s like trying to defend a fungal infection. Bidenomics is really just paying more to live worse, isn’t it?” Kennedy quipped. 

Then Kennedy asked her some very important questions about whether prices would be going down. I think it’s safe to say that her answers were less than satisfying. 

“I don’t expect the level of prices to go down,” Yellen conceded. But she tried to argue that wages “have risen considerably.” 

Kennedy said that if you don’t get a pay raise, you’re screwed. 

That’s when Yellen stepped in it big time, saying we don’t have to get the prices down if wages are going up. That made Kennedy’s eyebrows go up. 

“We don’t?” he said, incredulously. “You don’t think we need to get these prices down?” 

You think it’s okay that bacon is up 20 percent under Joe Biden, he asked. “Chicken is up  23.5 percent. Coffee is up 30 percent. Gas is up 44 percent.” He said used cars were up 24 percent, too. 

She kept insisting that “wages were up” but as he pointed out, they’re not up 24 or 30 percent, generally. 

“People are getting good at barely getting by,” Kennedy said. 

That’s the bottom line here. Just like the Biden team broke the border, their excessive spending contributed to this inflation. They either don’t understand it or simply refuse to admit it. That’s why they don’t know how to solve it. They have no intention of bringing prices down or reining in their prolific spending. 


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