Pro-Hamas CBS Journalist Thrilled by Biden UN Resolution on Ceasefire, Former Israel Ambassador Slams It

We’re still seeing far too many Americans living in an imaginary world where one of America’s closest allies can be cajoled into surrendering to a murderous terror group with strongly worded resolutions by the United Nations. By now, you’ve likely heard that the Biden administration tried to do just that on Friday and reaped a rightful reward — one more embarrassment on the world stage — when China and Russia killed the proposal with vetoes.


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The progressive Left’s media pals are all in, though. CBS News’ “CBS Mornings” started the say by inviting one of its senior foreign correspondents, Holly Williams,to sit down and talk about the resolution on Friday morning. And the so-called journalist’s tone showed that not only was she thrilled by it, but she could not wait for Israel to be held back from its stated goal to destroy the terrorist group:

Co-host Tony Dokoupil started by asking: “We’re hearing that there is optimism about a potential ceasefire and hostage release. How quickly could it happen?”

Williams replied as a cheerleader would, keying in on the “stronger language” Biden and Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have been using lately:

Well, I don’t know the answer to that. But what we are seeing is a kind of change in the U.S.’s approach and language. So, we’ve seen the U.S. previously veto three separate U.N. Security Council resolutions calling for a ceasefire. Now, the U.S. has drafted its own cease-fire resolution that’s expected to be voted on later on today. And it used much stronger language than we’ve seen previously from the U.S.: “an immediate and sustained ceasefire.”



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There was also this part, when the host questioned the Left’s conventional wisdom of assuming Hamas will agree to hold up their end of any ceasefire, when they keep rejecting offer after offer from Israel. He pressed her with, “What about this resolution would potentially move either party closer to yes?” 

She let loose at this point with an echo of the administration’s wrongheaded buy-in of Hamas’ propaganda against Israel:

Well, I guess one of the questions is like — why has the U.S. position changed? Right? And how much influence will that have? I guess when it comes to the why, maybe it’s the kind of horrific images that we’re seeing coming out of Gaza on an almost daily basis now. The World Health Organization says that up to 60 percent of children under the age of five in Gaza are now malnourished.

She continued:

Now, no matter who you ultimately blame for that, and people have different positions, it’s deeply distressing. And it ups the pressure on the U.S. to do something.

Just doing something is good enough for the leftists. As ever.

If you can stomach it, watch the full two minutes-plus of her apologia for murderous thugs.

No surprise, someone who’s been in a position to know what this portends — former Trump Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has now called out these media sycophants and others for standing with Biden’s weak attempt to split the baby, or as he puts it in a Friday X post, “placate the Jew haters” by appeasing Hamas while letting the president “talk tough” to Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel:

He writes:

US proposes a Gaza ceasefire resolution that does NOT call for an immediate release of the hostages. It thought it could placate the Jew haters by being soft on Hamas and tough on Israel. 

But China and Russia vetoed it anyway. How many times does Biden need to learn that peace comes only from strength, not appeasement?!

The reality is not any secret, of course: The Biden administration and the Democrats seek to appease antisemites, domestically and around the world. This UN resolution just shows they’re not hiding it anymore. 

Notice the mention of how to project strength against our global adversaries is there in the ambassador’s response—but President Ronald Reagan was not the only Republican leader (including former GOP presidential nominee, the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater) who hewed to that policy prescription. So did President Donald Trump, I’d argue. 

Readers might recall that Reagan also urged our nation to “trust but verify” when dealing with the former USSR during the Cold War. More of those politicians on the other side of the aisle would be wise to put that into practice about the alleged death toll touted by the Hamas medical arm as Israel committing “genocide.” I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening if the Democrats keep the Senate and the White House in November. We need to show up and make sure that doesn’t happen.

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