PowerReviews survey highlights strong pockets of consumer spending

The findings also point to an inquisitive beauty consumer who is willing to try and experiment with new beauty products, while also underlining that values remain highly important. Among the most important are those upheld by the clean beauty movement, while vegan claims continue to rise in popularity.

CosmeticsDesign-USA (CDU) spoke to Andrew Smith (AS), Vice President of Marketing, PowerReviews to find out more about how the survey was conducted and what all the findings might mean to beauty industry manufacturers and suppliers.

CDU: Can you provide some background information about the beauty shopper survey, including the methodology?

AS: The PowerReviews Health and Beauty Shopping Trends in 2023​ was conducted as the company recognized that a growing portion of beauty spending is happening online. However, brick-and-mortar continues to thrive – for those businesses that get it right. Because of this evolution, marketing strategies and tactics that were effective in the past may not cut it for today’s beauty shoppers. Instead, beauty brands and retailers must adapt their strategies to be omnichannel in nature and to attract, convert, and retain shoppers in a crowded marketplace.

PowerReviews surveyed 26,340 US consumers in May 2023 to find out how modern consumers browse and buy online – and the key factors that influence their purchase decisions. This research is an update of the survey report from the previous year: Meeting Beauty Shopper Digital Expectations in a Post-Pandemic World​.

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