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Physical Fitness Fun: Printable Alphabet Exercises Cards

Let’s do some ABC exercise today in a playful and silly way that keeps kids moving! Are you wondering how to incorporate physical fitness into your preschooler’s day? Try these great alphabet exercises with your child, and they will learn while they are moving their bodies while practicing their ABCs! Today we are adding free printable ABC exercise cards that you can use as physical exercise at home or in daycare or preschool and Kindergarten classrooms.

ABC Exercises for Kids - Printable Alphabet exercise cards shown with 2 kids jumping and being active - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s play with alphabet exercise!

Alphabet Exercises Make Physical Fitness Fun for Kids

It is important for all kids to move in order to stay healthy and fit and that is so much easier when it is a fun game. We love to make learning and moving fun here at Kids Activities Blog.

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These printable alphabet activity cards can help jump start the fun (get it? JUMP!)!

How to Play the Alphabet Workout for Kids

  1. We started this alphabet exercise idea with an ABC puzzle on our floor (you could also use paper with the letters written on them or print our alphabet exercise cards below).
  2. We placed the puzzle pieces – ABC’s all over the room.
  3. We mixed them up, so that kids would have to find a letter and then walk or run between the letters. Starting with the letter A continuing through the letters in sequence until we got to the letter Z.
  4. Each letter was assigned a movement (see alphabet exercises list below) that started with that letter sound that could be done in the space around the found letter.
  5. (Optional) Try thinking of new exercises for each letter of the alphabet!

Printable Alphabet Exercise Cards

We thought it might be easier with printable alphabet cards and we created these brand new abc exercise printable pdf files that you can download for abc fitness fun! Click the pink button to download and print the ABC exercises cards:

Alphabet Exercises – Letter Fun for Kids

Printable alphabet exercise cards with letters A-B-C in different colors. - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s get moving!

A  – Act like an animal

B  – Bend

C  – Chair pose

D  – Dance

E  – Elephant steps

F – Fly like a bird

G  – Gallop

H – Hugs

I  – Itsy bitsy steps

J – Jump

K – Kick

L – Leg lifts

Printable alphabet exercise cards with letters L-M-N-O in different colors. - Kids Activities Blog
Physical fitness is soo much fun!

M – March

N – Noisy steps

O – Open and shut arms

P – Pop up

Q -Quiet hops

R – Run

S -Side steps

T – Turns

U – Under – go under something nearby

V – Vibrate

W – Wiggle

X – X is the shape of jumping jacks

Y – Yoga (downward dog)

Z – Zig zag steps

We just went from letter to letter and had fun with it! You can also print our free PDF here and take this game with you wherever you go!

–>Download & Print ABC exercises:

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Set of printable pages with an alphabet exercise game, each letter represents a different exercise. - Kids Activities Blog
You can play this game as many times as you want!

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Did you enjoy the alphabet exercises with your child? Do you have more ideas on ho to get kids moving and physical fitness? What alphabet exercises can you come up with? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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