Overheard at NAR NXT Conference

When agents gather, the halls of the joint are bound to be filled with their fair share of quips, takes and complaints.

Earlier this week, the National Association of Realtors hosted its annual conference in Anaheim California. In attendance were over 12,000 agents, corporate employees and other real estate professionals from all 50 states, U.S. territories and 61 countries.

For three days, attendees shuffled from the convention center to Marriott ballrooms to the Hilton lobby bar, armed with Pillar to Post-branded totes and badges swinging from lanyards. 

While the programming focused on economics, fair housing and professional development, conference-goers gabbed about the beverage offering and travel opinions. 

As they floated between booths at the expo hall and business-building trainings, we caught tidbits of their chatter, punctuated by phone calls from clients and FaceTimes with their kids. 

Here’s some of what we overheard — none of which was litigation-related.

Standing in line for the opening session at the convention center

“Realtors are notorious for not reading full emails.”

In the back row of the opening session

“What does Mindy Kaling have to do with real estate?”

One hour into the Multiple Listing Issues & Policies Committee meeting

“You’ve missed nothing,” man to man walking in late.

In the hallway outside the Marriott Marquis ballroom

“If I’ve noticed one thing, it’s that the coffee here is terrible.”

Outside the expo hall

“I’m not an L.A. person.”

“We’re in Anaheim. That’s like going to Staten Island and saying you don’t like New York.”

At the Buffini & Company booth

“Do you want a latte?” Woman, pointing to the Homes.com coffee bar.

“No, I’m looking for a margarita,” man, eyeing other spots in the expo hall.

 In the convention center lobby

“No, no. I can’t promise you that kind of a number based on the lower square footage,” man, on the phone and pacing.

In the elevator

“I want to go back to the concerts we used to have,” woman, in reference to previous NAR conferences. 

“Boston will be different. At least we can go to Fenway,” woman, in reference to next year’s conference.

Walking out of the closing session

“It’s me. I’m the problem. That might have been a Taylor Swift quote, but I’m not going to admit it.”

After hours at the Hilton lobby bar

“You don’t look like a Bulgarian weightlifter,” man, in a Hawaiian shirt, to a woman in heels.

“But I can do the Bulgarian split squat.” Woman in heels.

* Demonstrates the Bulgarian split squat

“The hot dog buns were ice cold,” Woman, referring to an event at the Angels’ stadium.

“I mean, I’m in sales, but I’m not one of those, you know?” Woman, holding up a Realtor-branded hoodie.

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