NOW launches new line of THC-free CBD topical products

Natural products manufacturer NOW has launched three CBD topical body care products under its NOW Solutions line. The products are formulated using a broad-spectrum hemp extract include a CBD Joint & Muscle Cream, CBD Balm, and CBD Massage Oil.

While CBD has experienced some turbulence with US consumers and regulatory bodies in recent years, “these have been long awaited, pending for over five years while we made sure to follow all of the legal guidelines carefully around our CBD decision and process,” said Tina Tews, ​Beauty & Aromatherapy Category Manager of NOW Health Group in the company’s press release, as “it was important to us to create products that endure rather than quickly jump on a trend.”

We spoke to Tews for further insight into the launch, including the primary motivation behind NOW’s decision to enter the CBD market and how the new products differ from similar offerings currently available to consumers.

Delivering a safe product to consumers 

Family-owned company NOW has been operating in the natural products space for over 55 years, and the decision to enter the CBD product market was not one that the company took lightly.

“CBD products have obviously been a trending category for years, but as with any product launch, we wanted to ensure that the products would meet our high quality and safety standards,” said Tews.

Considering the “growing body of research supporting the benefits of CBD, particularly in topical formulations,” she explained, the new products were something that NOW has had in development for many years.

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