NEW: Joe Biden Gives Definitive Answer About His Future, and Democrats Are Going to Need a Stiff Drink

It took a week, but Joe Biden has finally given a definitive answer about the future of his campaign. As I’ve suspected all along, he’s not going anywhere. During a call on Wednesday, the president proclaimed that “no one is pushing me out” and that he’s in the race until the bitter end. 

Democrats are going to need a stiff drink after this announcement. 

It doesn’t get much clearer than that. Biden is not dropping out, and Kamala Harris is not dancing through the door to save the day. Democrats are stuck with what they’ve got.

The possibility of removing Biden was never really a serious one. He won enough delegates to become the nominee, and with the nominating convention around the corner, the timeline just doesn’t work. More importantly, though, the only alternative was Harris, who consistently polls worse than the president. I don’t think many Democrats were wanting to turn to her no matter how tough things go. Biden is senile, but he’s who they have because they chose to lie about his condition for so long, not taking action when forcing him out might have been remotely possible. 

As I wrote recently, you can expect to see a tightening of the ranks going forward. The press didn’t suddenly become honest when they briefly started telling the truth about Biden’s decline following the debate. They are ready and willing to change the narrative again because while the president is senile, he’s their only option. 

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With that said, I think you’ll see a tightening of the ranks in the next week. If Harris isn’t an option, yet she’s the only alternative, then that leaves them with a “comatose or dead” Biden. All of these questions about replacing him will fade into a resolute defense because that’s the corner Democrats have painted themselves into. 

Besides, there was no chance that Jill and Hunter Biden would ever let Joe Biden drop out of the race. The president’s wife is drunk on power and runs the show while his son is still counting on a pardon post-election. The moment Biden leaves the White House, the grift ends, and they can’t let that happen. 

As for Republicans, they are rejoicing at this news. Biden at least appears to be mortally wounded politically. He’s not going to get better, and there’s another debate lined up that could further sink his campaign. For once, the president’s deranged ego and the blind ambition of his wife are playing into the hands of conservatives. Biden staying in the race is not only good for the GOP, but it’s what should happen anyway. Democrats need to be made to face the consequences of what they’ve done. There are no easy outs, and that’s a good thing.

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