New frontier: Why ‘quality’ Asian beauty brands are seeing signs of success in the US

In recent years, Asian beauty brands have gained significant recognition and influence worldwide, and the US is no exception. US beauty consumers have increasingly acknowledged the efficacy, innovation, and unique approaches that Asian beauty brands offer.

Cassandra Stern, editor of CosmeticsDesign-US said that US consumers associate Asian brands like Shiseido or Tatcha Skincare with “quality”.

She believes that Asian beauty brands stand a good chance to flourish in the US market despite the competitive landscape.

“I think it’s important to remember that at least for right now, we’re seeing growth across a lot of different areas. So, while it’s competitive, there’s room for a lot of different brands to stretch their legs and really enter this space,” ​she said on the Beauty 4.0​ podcast by CosmeticsDesign-Asia​.

She highlighted that US consumers were interested in the kind of ingredients that Asian beauty brands use, such as green tea or ginseng.

“I think that there is certainly a perception that there are certain ingredients that Japanese brands and Korea brands use that are maybe not as well known in the US, not because they’re not as effective, but because they’re not as common. And I think a lot of US consumers who are frustrated with mainstream ingredients will turn to these types of brands to see what other types of product offerings are out there.”

Asian-made sunscreens were particularly popular among US beauty consumers thanks to the buzz on social media.

“There’s a huge following on social media for Korean and Japanese brand sunscreens… The perception overall is generally very positive,” ​said Cassandra.

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