NBA Finals uniforms: C's stick to tradition; Mavs mix it up

The 2024 NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics isn’t just an appealing on-court matchup, but from a uniform standpoint as well.

Boston has one of the more classic threads in the NBA, rarely changing its look since the franchise was founded in 1946. Dallas has experimented with more modern looks, but its overall design and color scheme have remained fairly consistent since 2001.

For a majority of the series, the Celtics will lean on their classic green and white colorway, while the Mavericks will pursue a different approach.

Here’s a look at Dallas’ and Boston’s uniform schedule for Games 1 through 4, plus their records this regular season and postseason while wearing each uniform.

Boston Celtics

Game 1, 3 and 4: Association Edition

Regular season record: 22-6

Postseason record: 3-1

Game 2: Statement Edition

Regular season record: 13-3

Postseason record: 5-0

Dallas Mavericks

Game 1: City Edition

Regular season record: 7-7

Postseason record: 3-0

Game 2: Association Edition

Regular season record: 17-13

Postseason record: 4-1

Game 3 and 4: Statement Edition

Regular season record: 20-7

Postseason record: 5-5

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