More Biden Debate Disaster Fallout: Kamala Harris Hardest Hit

You know who else had a bad Thursday night? It wasn’t only Joe Biden who froze and flailed and absolutely bombed during a spacey, low-energy, meandering presidential debate performance against Donald Trump—but Vice President Kamala Harris is probably reaching for the red wine as the sun rises Friday because her future political prospects just went from bad to spectacularly bad.

Her career choices were not looking so good after she failed to gain any traction during her 2020 presidential run, where she quickly dropped out early in the race despite a highly-touted entrance—but Joe Biden plucked her out of the ash-heap of history and chose her as his running mate in his ultimately successful campaign. Given a second chance at political relevance as vice president, Harris has nevertheless failed to impress anyone in three and a half years, and her approval rating is somewhere beneath the Mariana Trench.

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After Joe Biden’s historically terrible debate performance, where even Democrats are admitting that he is no longer fit to be commander-in-chief, talk of his replacement should naturally center on Harris—but that’s not what’s happening. Instead, Democrats are turning to California Governor Gavin Newsom, who, although he’s a complete failure as a governor and has done everything in his power to destroy the once-Golden State, has the look and the mealy-mouthed talking points of a TV president, which is enough for low-information Democrat voters to convince them that he’s their man.

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Kamala, who evidently smelled the scent of utter defeat, couldn’t even be bothered to be on hand for the big event—or was she not invited? Instead, she appeared in an interview from her LA home to pretend that the Democratic apocalypse had not just occurred. Even CNN’s Anderson Cooper saw the writing on the wall and pressed the VP, saying that Democrats were in “panic” over Biden’s “disaster” of a “train wreck” of a debate.

“Some within your own party are wondering if President Biden should even step aside. What do you say to that?” he asked.

“It was a slow start, but it was a strong finish,” Harris began. “Joe Biden is extraordinarily strong.“

“People can debate on style points,” she added when pressed by Cooper. “I got the point that you’re making about a one and a half hour debate tonight — I’m talking about three and a half years of performance and work that has been historic.”

Riiiight. She reminds me of those violin players on the Titanic.

“The President’s performance tonight clearly was disappointing for his supporters. CNN reports that Democratic lawmakers watching the debate were worried about the President’s performance. One said it was a disaster. Another called it a trainwreck. Those are Democrats.” 

“Your campaign wanted and pushed for this debate at this moment. You can’t honestly say that you are not concerned at all after watching the President’s performance tonight?”

Harris looked defeated, and although she attempted to counter the obvious reality that was in front of her, her heart was barely in it. She seemed to know her political future is likely done, and although there’s been some talk of her running for governor in California if and when the campaign goes down in defeat, her most likely option is to become a low-rated MSNBC host. (Is there any other kind?)

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I’d feel sorry for her, but she’s been an absolutely terrible politician, and yet she will probably continue to profit from her divisive messages, so I don’t. Adios.

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