Mike Johnson Considers Inviting Bibi Netanyahu to Address Congress After Schumer's Disgusting Comments

While Speaker Mike Johnson’s ongoing attempts to unite House Republicans is tantamount to trying to herd angry cats, the Louisiana Republican has been growing on me — and I suspect on an increasing number of conservatives across the country, as well.

Johnson was the star of the show throughout Joe Biden’s angry State of the Union screamfest, as his various expressions while Biden lied his ass off virtually told us everything the Speaker was thinking.

And now, in the aftermath of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (a Jew, mind you) irresponsible comments about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Jewish state — not to mention Joe Biden continually throwing Bibi under the bus as Israel continues its justified goal of wiping out Hamas in response to the terrorist group’s horrific October 7 attack on Israeli citizens — Johnson’s latest move is his best yet.

Johnson said on Wednesday he’s considering inviting Netanyahu to address Congress.

How can you not love that, even if Johnson’s not your cup of tea?

While arrangements have yet to be made, Johnson told reporters about a potential Netanyahu visit:

It’s one of the things that we have in mind, and we may try to arrange for that. I think it’s very important for us to show solidarity and support for Israel right now in their time of great struggle, and we certainly stand for that position and we’ll try to advance that in every way that we can.

Is there a better way that Johnson could stick it to Schumer, Biden, and other Democrats who continue to call for everything from a ceasefire between the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and Hamas to threatening Israel if it moves into the “Palestinian” city of Rafah to calling for Israeli election, which Schumer, followed by virtually incoherent Biden have endorsed?

Even better, if Netanyahu does speak before Congress, Johnson would all but force congressional Democrats to choose between sitting on their hands or booing the Israeli prime minister. Either way, it’s a perfect move for the Speaker — let’s hope it happens.

Here’s more:

Johnson raised the possibility of a Netanyahu speech to Congress less than a week after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), a longtime advocate for Israel, blasted Netanyahu in a floor speech, arguing his leadership risked losing further U.S. support for his country. Schumer also called for new elections in Israel.

Republicans have ripped Schumer over his remarks, slamming them as unprecedented and wrong. Netanyahu is set to speak with Senate Republicans via video during their weekly lunch Wednesday.

While there has been a long tradition in Congress of bipartisan support for Israel, lawmakers on the left are increasingly critical of Netanyahu’s handling of the war in Gaza.

Johnson also told reporters he spoke with Netanyahu on Wednesday morning.

I had a lengthy conversation this morning with Prime Minister Netanyahu and reiterated to him that House Republicans’ strong support for Israel and their efforts there, and expressed my strong disagreement with Leader Schumer about what he said last week.

We think it is not only foolhardy, it’s dangerous for [Schumer] to be trying to suggest how Israel should run its domestic affairs in the midst of their conflict. So you’ll see the House Republicans continue to stand forward and reiterate our support for Israel at this very critical time.

As Biden, Schumer, and the Democrat Party continue to attempt to stop Netanyahu’s every move as they pander to Muslim Americans with the 2024 general election less than eight months away, Speaker Mike Johnson continues to impress — GOP naysayers aside.


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