May Launch Pad: Scintillating skin care

OSEA launches Hyaluronic Body Serum

Seaweed-infused skin care brand OSEA has announced its latest release, Hyaluronic Body Serum earlier this month. Founded in 1996, the brand is focused on producing clean and effective beauty products and is Climate Neutral Certified, Ocean Positive Verified, and offers a skin care packaging recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle from its Los Angeles brick-and-mortar location.

The new Hyaluronic Body Serum is formulated with natural ingredients like five molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, vegan peptides and green microalgae, blue-green algae, and aloe to nourish, smooth, and hydrate the skin. As reported by OSEA, the Serum is “clinically proven to instantly boost skin’s hydration by 161%,” based on a third-party clinical study after one use.

OSEA Hyaluronic Body Serum is available on the company’s website​ and retails for $48.00.

Peace Out Skincare releases Redness + Clarifying Mist

Peace Out Skincare’s newest product launch, which became available on May 21, “was developed to combat redness and reduce excess oil for even the most sensitive skin types and conditions like eczema, dermatitis and rosacea,” shared Dr. Carol Cheng, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Pediatric Dermatologist. Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of California Los Angeles & Peace Out Dermatology Partner. The product’s formulation features “hero ingredient Hypochlorous Acid, [which] is gentle, yet highly effective at calming inflammation, repairing the skin barrier, reducing redness and minimizing breakouts,” Dr. Cheng explained.

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