Ludicrous: Elizabeth Warren Believes It's a Good Idea to Push for Higher Taxes During Election Season

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is continuing her quest to raise taxes. She is now trying to convince the moderate Democrats and those who are against tax hikes to pass the progressives’ tax hikes.

For years, we have heard Democrat politicians criticize corporations that employ millions of people for not paying higher taxes. That may sound like a great idea — if it were realistic. Corporations will never pay their “fair share” in taxes. If Congress ultimately decides to raise the corporate tax, that will be a tax on the consumers because those corporations will raise prices to cover their costs and offset what they would be paying in taxes. 

According to Warren, she thinks it’s a good idea to raise the corporate tax rate during an election year:

At the end of the 2025 tax reform process, large corporations must pay higher taxes. A typical billionaire must pay a higher tax rate than a typical middle-class family. Wealthy tax cheats must be sweating because the IRS has enough money to enforce the law.

Warren added:

Look at the Bush tax cuts. Why did those cuts cost $8 trillion? Because his Democratic successor, President Obama, cut a deal with Republicans to make nearly all of Bush’s temporary cuts permanent.

She continued, repeating the same talking points that Democrats have been touting for years — that these tax increases will help with childcare and infrastructure.

A little money for poor children or a modest tax cut for middle-class families is still a lousy deal when we can’t fund childcare or infrastructure because the wealthiest among us are still sucking up billions in tax breaks.

If Warren gets her way, these corporations will take their profits offshore — specifically in countries with low tax rates. The idea that corporations will pay their fair share is a pipe dream. The argument is that everybody should pay their fair share, and if we just get this tax rate passed, we will be able to start paying down our national debt. But as mentioned earlier, raising corporate tax will simply be a tax on the consumer. 

During his rally, Trump spoke about a topic that most Democrat politicians never discuss: a tax cut for the middle class.

With prices already higher than they were four years ago, that is the last thing consumers need, but Warren is not struggling like millions of Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck, so she can afford to speak about ludicrous policies. 

Due to Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the statutory corporate tax rate went from 35 percent to 21 percent. If the tax cuts expire in 2025, the corporate tax rate will return to the levels we saw in 2017. Maybe once corporations pass their cost onto the consumer, more so than now, Democrats will understand that their policy idea simply will not work the way they imagine it to and will lose the moderate voters as well.

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