LIVE: Election Results – Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Washington

It’s the Tuesday after Super Tuesday, but Primary Season marches on, suspense or no. 

Today’s contests include Georgia, Hawaii (GOP only), Mississippi, and Washington. As alluded to above, there’s not a lot of suspense as to the outcomes of these contests — we can reasonably expect former President Donald Trump to emerge victorious in the GOP races and President Biden to win the Democrat contests. 

The big question is whether Trump will garner enough delegates in Tuesday’s races to formally secure the Republican nomination.

Trump appears on track to win the GOP nod Tuesday. He has 1,074 pledged delegates, according to Decision Desk HQ, out of the 1,215 needed to secure the nomination.

Georgia and Mississippi, whose polls close first at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. EST, respectively, have 99 GOP delegates up for grabs together. Washington and Hawaii’s polls will close later and have 62 delegates. Overall, 161 delegates will be up for grabs for Trump.  

Additionally, Mississippi is holding its congressional primaries Tuesday. 

Polls close beginning at 7:00 pm Eastern in Georgia. RedState will bring you the live results right here, so be sure to check in — and participate in the comments below. 











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