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Last time I talked about making tiramisu. This time, I’m talking about lasagna. My partner had a dinner request, which they so rarely have, so I had to oblige. I’ve never made lasagna, but I’ve made plenty of other involved pasta dishes like stuffed shells. However, I was not expecting to make a hearty sauce from scratch. I did, though, and it was amazing. I used this recipe and I really don’t think they’re joking with the title of “World’s Best Lasagna.” It was delicious and worth the effort! We even had some leftover sauce. My only change would be to double the ricotta measurements.

I’ve also made a few fun posts on the SBTB instagram: books with Irish settings or characters and 2024 romance releases as Oscar outfits.

This link is from LisaM in the SBTB Patreon discord: “Twenty-First-Century Wellness Trends That Were Also Hardhips Jane Eyre Suffered at Lowood School” McSweeney’s routinely delivers.

If any of you are into Formula 1 racing, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of why this piece of F1 journalism was originally pulled from Road & Track. You may have to register to read it at its new home, but I think you can find an archived version on the Wayback Machine.

The second annual Trans Rights Readathon begins March 22! Did you participate last year?

Speaking of rabbit holes, I’m not much of a “royal watcher.” However, I very much have my tinfoil hat on for all Kate Middleton conspiracies. I’ve also been enjoying all the satire coming out, namely these PR sketches:

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