Jon Stewart: 'Get on Board or Shut the F*** Up' Doesn't Allay Voter Concerns About Biden's Brain

As the Democrats’ “Biden Problem” continues to rage, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the party is engaged in an internecine battle about whether cognitively vacant, 81-year-old Joe Biden should be “forced” to bow out of the presidential race or supported as part of a high-risk “emperor’s new clothes” strategy.

On one hand, some prominent senators have been clear that Joe must go. On the other hand, mental giants like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have declared, as only AOC could declare it: “The matter is closed,” meaning Biden is staying in the race, come hell or high water, and Democrats better fall in line behind him. 

And through it all, pretend-Doctor Jill continues to rail against Democrats who call on her mentally impaired husband to abandon his reelection bid.

Publicly, Some Democrats Want Biden to ‘Show Us More.’
Privately, They’re Resigned to Their Fate.

So what’s an infighting Democrat Party to do? 

As Hollywood renegade Jon Stewart sees it, one thing the Democrat Party should not do is dismiss concerns about Biden’s cognitive capacity — or the lack thereof. 

On Monday’s edition of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” Stewart said the dismissal of concerns about Biden’s declining mental state “erodes confidence and faith in the system of government. Get on board or shut the f*** up’ … is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker.” 

Stewart also said Biden’s campaign has been massively dishonest with its spin about the debate.

Stewart began his comments reasonably enough.

I thought I would take a moment to explain where the concern about Biden’s performance might be coming from, and why these concerns may be seen as a more foundational issue. You see, even before the debate, there had been some troubling moments of disconnect from the President.

Then, of course, to be fair, the State of the Union, concern dropped a little bit at the State of the Union, he kind of nailed it. But then the debate happened…to my mind, the debate was a shocking display of cognitive difficulty, recognizable to, unfortunately, anybody who’s dealt with aging parents, and it’s a hard watch.

No Stewart monologue about politics would be complete without a shot at Donald Trump, of course, but even the shot Stewart took also credited the former president, in a left-hand way, while criticizing Biden’s humiliating performance.

[Donald Trump has been] bad since he [started]. … The difference is this … Trump delivered at the debate to expectation. We expect him to be [bleep] crazy. But Biden’s performance and inability to articulate at times was stunning. Like, I could not believe what I was watching.

But then it got worse. Rather than respecting the American people and having an honest, at least partial conversation about what we had all seen, we were told, immediately, these are not the droids you’re looking for. [F]or a campaign based on honesty and decency, the spin about the debate appears to be blatant bulls**t.

Stewart proceeded to blast Team Biden even more, beginning with the lack of a Democrat primary process.

There was no real primary. … And let me say this, authoritarianism and Donald Trump aren’t the only threats our democracy faces. An arthritic status quo, unable or unwilling to respond, in any way, to the concerns of voters who just received new and urgent information about their candidate, also erodes confidence and faith in the system of government. ‘Get on board or shut the f*** up’…is not a particularly compelling pro-democracy bumper sticker, nor is, ‘Whattaya gonna do?’

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Jon — except for the hyperbolic silliness about Trump.

The Bottom Line

Jon Stewart, like HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher, is a political enigma. 

On one hand, both guys can drive you absolutely crazy with their leftist takes. On the other hand, they can make complete sense with a clarity that surprises even the most conservative among us. 

This time, Jon Stewart was the latter. 

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