John Cena surprises crowd with first Savannah Bananas at-bat on Saturday

The Savannah Bananas had a surprise guest with an at-bat on Saturday — WWE wrestler and actor John Cena.

The 16-time world heavyweight champion walked out of the dugout to his theme song in Tampa, Florida at George Steinbrenner Field. Prior to stepping into the batter’s box, Cena raised a championship belt and three fingers, his trademark gesture.

He adopted a unique stance while stepping into the right batter’s box.

Cena had little success, striking out looking.

He squatted for two of the three pitches as he looked for a ball. But, the umpire called three strikes, ending Cena’s debut in bananaland. The umpire laid an elbow on the ground after the third strike as Cena argued the call.

The WWE wrestler then replicated a Hulk Hogan point at the pitcher and ran toward the mound. An attitude adjustment didn’t follow, however. Cena was congratulatory, raising the pitcher’s hand as the crowd cheered.

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