Joe Biden, Threats to Democracy, and Industrial-Scale Irony

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into C-SPAN, we see now that President Biden is supposedly planning a major speech in the coming weeks. (What could possibly go wrong with that?) The topic?

Threats to Democracy.  Yes, really.

President Joe Biden plans to deliver a speech focused on threats to democracy in the coming weeks, according to two sources familiar with the plans. 

Democratic donors gathered in Chicago for a fundraising retreat learned of the plans Wednesday, a source familiar with the remarks said. 

Biden plans to deliver the speech following the second Republican primary debate, which is scheduled for September 27, according to the sources. One venue under consideration for the speech is the McCain Institute, a source familiar with discussions said. 

A major focus of Biden’s 2020 campaign was preserving democracy, and he has continued discussing the issue during his presidency.

Oh, the irony!

Joe Biden has to be the most polarizing President since… well, the last Democratic President. Setting his obvious physical and mental decline aside for a moment, Joe Biden is callous, he is dishonest, and he is corrupt, but he presumes to lecture the American people on “threats to democracy?”

This isn’t the first time Joe Biden has bloviated on this theme:

Biden previously delivered speeches on the threat to democracy at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and in Washington. But he hasn’t delivered an address focused on the issue since former President Donald Trump was indicted on charges related to his attempts to cling to power following the 2020 election.  

President Biden, along with many of his fellow Democrats (and, to be fair, some Republicans), don’t seem to even understand that the United States is not a pure democracy but a constitutional republic; while we have democratic institutions, like the House of Representatives, we also have the trappings of a republic, like the Senate and the Electoral College; and the Constitution explicitly guarantees the several states a “…republican form of government.”

But that’s not the greater point of this debacle. The real point is the many reasons this topic is so ironic. For example:

This is an administration that has sought to convict and imprison political opponents and to have dissenters likewise jailed.

This is an administration that has shoveled billions into propping up a corrupt thugocracy that is battling an even bigger corrupt thugocracy.

This is an administration that has used family members to launder money from the aforementioned corrupt thugocracy.

And he presumes – or I should say, his handlers would have him presume – to lecture us on threats to democracy?

The fact is, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., in his half-century political career (and if you want a threat to democracy, just consider the fact that a 50-year career in politics is even possible), was never more than a third-rater. At the behest of Ted Kennedy, he attempted to “Bork” Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court nomination. He was forced to drop out of the 1988 Presidential contest due to revelations of plagiarism, an issue which continues to plague him. 

And, to be honest, he never was all that bright, even in his supposed prime.

This is the man who would wag his finger and lecture us all over “threats to democracy.”

American Presidential politics, folks, has officially entered into the realm of the surreal.

This seems appropriate.

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