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Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ frenemy dynamic will seep into “Deadpool 3”: “They hate each other.”

Hugh Jackman has shared details about his most well-known character, the grisly mutant X-Man Wolverine. Ryan Reynolds will play Deadpool’s wisecracking Deadpool, in “Deadpool 3”.

Jackman stated that the characters were “zero” in terms of compatibility. He called them “opposites” as well as saying they “hate one another” in a podcast. This will make for some great odd-couple humor in the movie.

He said that he was annoyed at him on the podcast. “[Wolverine] is frustrated by [Deadpool] and wants to be a million kilometers away from him or punch him in his head. He can’t be one million miles from me in this movie so I’m likely to punch him in his head a lot.”

Jackman and Reynolds also share the same dynamic offscreen. Jackman and Reynolds have a long-standing gag where they pretend to be incompatible on social media. They often ridicule or mock each other for a laugh.

Jackman, who is also known as Logan, has been playing Wolverine (astonishingly), since 2000, the first movie in the “X-Men” series.

Since then, he has worn the adamantium claws nearly a dozen times. He even helped to introduce Reynolds (in an early, unsuccessful iteration) as Deadpool/Wade Wilson in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

The last time the “Son” actor played Wolverine was in 2017’s “Logan”, which received a great reception and won an Oscar nomination for best adapted screenplay.

Jackman stated in the podcast that the new movie takes place before the events of “Logan” so it won’t alter the timeline for that fan-favorite film.

He previously stated that “Logan” was his last Wolverine appearance. This is now not the case. He was able to pinpoint exactly when he had a change in his heart during the podcast.

“It was August 14, I can remember driving. It came to me that way, and I thought, this is going be so much fun. He said that he would probably have more fun watching the movie than any other thing he’s done.

Jackman stated that the training process to become Wolverine, which he considers his most farfetched character, is getting harder each time. However, this time he has some motivation.

Ryan Reynolds is my favorite celebrity to take with me every day. “I want to be in great shape for that so that I can enjoy it!”

“Deadpool 3,” due to open in theaters in November 2024

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