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Hillary Clinton Joins 'Bloodbath' Brigade, Is Promptly Reminded What One Actually Looks Like

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As RedState reported Sunday, Democrats and their allies in the corporate press cranked up the hysteria machine full blast over the weekend in spreading demonstrably false claims that 2024 GOP presidential candidate and presumptive nominee Donald Trump said there would be a “bloodbath” if he didn’t win against President Joe Biden in November.

The examples are too numerous to mention in this post, but here are a few courtesy of my colleague Bob Hoge:

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Because they won’t show you, here’s a video clip of the remarks Trump made in context during a campaign rally Saturday in Ohio:

Now Democrats and the mainstream media have been using the term “bloodbath” to refer to electoral, policy, and economic losses/bad news going back decades. But because the former president uttered the word and it’s a crucial presidential election year, he of course is going to get taken wildly out of context by the same “very fine people” propagandists because of narratives and whatnot.

Not to be outdone, twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, whose 2016 campaign was a primary player in orchestrating the Trump/Russia collusion hoax, also got in on the action. On Monday morning, she tweeted a reply-limited post about the nontroversy in response to the same intentionally misleading, deceptively edited tweet/video that was one of the catalysts for all the fauxtrage in the first place:

Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly a bright idea for her to give her .02 on the matter considering, well, she of all people should know what one looks like:

RedState Managing Editor Jen Van Laar also weighed in with an inconvenient reminder:

And as RedState columnist Buzz Patterson correctly pointed out, we must never, ever forget Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s role.

“A bloodbath like Benghazi?” Patterson, an author and retired Air Force pilot who carried the nuclear football for then-President Clinton, blasted back in a quote reply to Clinton’s tweet.

This truly is one of those many times she probably should have sat something out. But she just can’t help herself – and, quite frankly, when it comes to cray cray things said by La Clinton, neither can we…

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