Heh: James Carville Shares Inconvenient Truth on 'Preachy Female Dems,' AOC Immediately Proves His Point

We’ve talked often here about what some (including me) call the Liberal White Woman (LWW) syndrome and how it will eventually lead to the downfall of America if we don’t effectively counter them now in the court of public opinion. 

“The leftist white woman is a female of the human species that, for some unexplainable reason, believes itself to be smarter, morally superior, and just all-around better than everyone else,” my colleague Brandon Morse wrote in June 2023. 

“Heavily biased to leftist causes and self-assured of her own intellectual and moral supremacy, the white leftist female activist will turn a paradise into a living hell once it moves into an area,” he also correctly pointed out.

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But to be sure, a lot of that imagined moral superiority in LWW World stems from listening to woke, elected females in the Democratic Party of all colors but especially the Squad types, who in most instances don’t mind it when random liberal white women take the banner and run it even further to the left than it was originally intended.

Longtime Democrat strategist James Carville, an outspoken figure in his party who is known for not exactly being politically correct, talked about this in a recent interview, explaining that “preachy females” in the Democratic Party were hurting it more than helping:

“A suspicion of mine is that there are too many preachy females … ‘Don’t drink beer, don’t watch football, don’t eat hamburgers, this is not good for you,’” he said. “The message is too feminine: ‘Everything you’re doing is destroying the planet. You’ve got to eat your peas.’”

Carville, who was a strategist for former President Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, argued this culture and rhetoric is not addressing the concerns of male voters.

“If you listen to Democratic elites — NPR is my go-to place for that — the whole talk is about how women, and women of color, are going to decide this election. I’m like: ‘Well, 48 percent of the people that vote are males. Do you mind if they have some consideration?” Carville said.

Though Carville sometimes lands himself in hot water for controversial takes like seeming to advocate for “taking out” 2024 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, his point on “preachy females” in his party was a valid one – and one which was immediately proven by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who chimed in on the Twitter machine Sunday with her reaction.

“Maybe he should start a podcast about it. I hear men are really underrepresented in that space,” she whined.

Self-professed “gender bias expert” Amy Diehl, Ph.D. was also fauxtraged, taking issue with his use of the word “females” as though it was a code word used by misogynists:

LOL. The jokes are just writing themselves at this point.

Carville 1, Woke Women 0.

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