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This HaBO is from Andrea, who is hoping to find this romance. Warnings below for faking a child’s death:

I know I read the book in late 1990s to mid-2000s. Frontier or Western setting.

Man enters an inn and ends up marrying a young woman (who knows how to live in mountain area) by spending night in bed with a board between them (jumping the board). The woman is with a scout or guide. They get married and she guides or goes with them, but he leaves her at another inn and plans to return later. Innkeeper woman does not give the heroine her husband’s note that he will return and makes her work for her keep.

The heroine finds out she’s pregnant and goes into labor from a fall off a wagon while unloading it. She’s told her baby died. She leaves. Man comes back and is told her and the baby died. However, the people who had taken the child, a son, bring him back. Innkeeper woman tells the hero his wife died and she couldn’t keep baby, so she gave him away.

He discovers wife is still alive and goes to get her from (possibly) England. On the way home (maybe Colorado), she gets amnesia from being struck in the head on a ship. He takes her home to meet son.

At some point, someone tries to capture her and the son. She avoids being caught by carrying her son on her back in a icy river. Husband tracks them down and finds them safe in a cave with a Native American. They reconcile as she has her memory back.

This sounds wild and I have no clue how geographically this all works.

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