Gillette Venus launches Power of Smooth ad campaign in partnership with elite Olympic and Paralympic swimmers

P&G’s Gillette Venus, the Official Razor of Team USA, has announced today that it will be launching its Power of Smooth advertising campaign ahead of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. The partnership with several US Gold and Silver medalist swimmers comes just a few months before the Games are scheduled to begin. 

The Power of Smooth

U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Lydia Jacoby, U.S. Paralympic Gold Medalist Anastasia Pagonis, U.S. Olympic Silver Medalist Torri Huske, U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Abbey Weitzeil, U.S. Olympian Erica Sullivan and Olympic Hopeful Kelly Pash have all been confirmed as participants in the campaign, which was based on the the fact that “for swimmers, a crucial part of their pre-race routine is the ritual of growing out their body hair ahead of competition, before shaving everything off to ensure maximum performance in the pool,” said a P&G press release. “Recognizing the importance of this ritual, Venus’ partnership with swimmers hopes to support them through life’s most important shaving moments,” the press release added. 

The new campaign launching today features Jacoby and U.S. Paralympic Gold Medalist, and “to generate further excitement in the lead up to Paris 2024, Venus is also excited to introduce a new Gold Razor this summer to bring the campaign to life,” P&G’s press release confirmed. 

About her participation in the Power of Smooth, Jacobs shared in P&G’s release that “as competitive swimmer, my pre-race routine starts with my shave,” and “as someone with sensitive skin, I have always trusted Venus to give me the smoothest shave without irritation so I can focus on swimming.”

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