Filterbaby: a first-of-its-kind water purifying device for skincare

Filterbaby has hit upon this issue, launching the first-ever bathroom faucet filter designed to rid tap water of impurities, enabling users to cleanse their skin in water free from substances that can exacerbate various skin conditions. 

CosmeticsDesign spoke to Filterbaby Co-founder and CEO Lynn Shui to find out about the development of this intriguing product, how it works, what it does to the water, the benefits it brings to a broad range of consumers, and the hoops the measures the company has taken to get it professionally approved. 

CDU:​ Can you please explain the Filterbaby concept and how it works?

Lynn Shui (LS)​: Filterbaby is the first dermatologically tested and approved water filter device for skincare. While millions of skincare products flood the market, there has been an absence of emphasis on water quality, a fundamental factor for achieving good facial skin health. Consumers spend thousands of dollars on skincare each year to optimize their skin health, yet the water used to clean skin is often less than optimal. 

By filtering tap water impurities and micro-contaminants that are as small as 0.2 microns, Filterbaby ensures users receive higher quality water to improve their skin’s health. It is clinically tested to improve skin hydration in just two weeks. Through consumer studies, it has also been found to reduce irritation and protect the epidermis, ultimately leading to radiant and healthier skin.

Additionally, it is economical and incredibly easy to use; in fact, users can install it in less than five minutes, as our filter fits 99% of faucets with circular aerators.

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