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Easy Colorful Easter Egg Designs on Paper Craft

Let’s decorate paper Easter eggs! Make colorful paper Easter egg designs using scrap fabric, ribbons, glitter glue, and more. All this Easter egg craft fun starts with a free Easter egg coloring page making it perfect for kids of all ages even younger kids like preschoolers and Kindergartners. Kids will love this fun paper Easter egg craft at home, church or in the classroom.

Colorful paper easter egg designs using coloring pages and scrap craft supplies.
Decorate paper Easter eggs using scrap paper, fabric, and tissue paper.

Paper Easter Crafts — Easter Egg Design

I love Easter. Easter baskets, Easter bunny, Easter chick, but I love Easter projects most of all. They’re the perfect way to celebrate Easter. You can make this colorful paper Easter egg craft with just a few supplies that you already have. In fact, it is the perfect type of kid’s craft to empty the scraps drawer whether that be fabric or paper!

And these Easter paper crafts are perfect for kids of all ages, plus they all can benefit from the fine motor skills practice.

HOW TO Make Paper Easter Egg DESIGNS

I don’t know about you, but my favorite craft projects involve pulling out some craft supplies and letting kids go wild with their imaginations.

These Colorful Paper Easter Eggs are the perfect opportunity to let kids decorate their own eggs — without messy dyes.

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Supplies Needed for Easter Egg Designs on Paper - Use scraps of fabric, paper, glitter glue, crayons, and more to make colorful paper easter egg crafts.
You will need coloring pages, fabric, paper, and glitter glue to make designs on paper Easter eggs.

Supplies to make Easter egg designs on paper

Optional Craft Supplies

Make a tissue paper Easter egg design

Tissue paper Easter eggs are made using colorful pieces of tissue paper scrunched up and glued onto a paper Easter egg.
Cut pieces of tissue paper and scrunch them together before gluing them onto the paper Easter egg.

We used the coloring page with circles on it. Choose two or more colors of tissue paper. Cut them into small pieces and then scrunch them together. Glue each of the tissue paper balls onto the paper Easter egg. We started by filling in the circles with pink tissue paper, and then used green tissue paper balls to fill the remainder of the egg.

Make a glitter glue Easter egg design

Use glitter glue to make swirls on a paper Easter egg.
Use glitter glue and crayons to decorate a paper Easter egg.

For this paper Easter egg design, we printed the egg with swirls all over it. Have the kids color in the Easter egg page using crayons, pencils, or markers. Using glitter glue, trace over the swirls, and then add spots all over the egg too.

Make a scrap fabric Easter egg design

To make a scrap fabric Easter egg, cut strips of fabric and glue them onto a paper Easter egg to create a colorful design.
Cut strips of scrap fabric and glue them onto a paper Easter egg.

Cut strips of scrap fabric and glue them over a paper Easter egg. Set them aside to dry.

Make a scrap paper Easter egg design

To make a scrap paper Easter egg design, cut pieces of scrapbook paper into fun shapes and glue them onto a paper Easter egg.
Cut colorful pieces of scrap paper and make a fun design over the paper Easter egg.

To make our scrap paper Easter egg design you will need to print two paper Easter eggs. Use one as a template to cut out your scrapbook paper, and the other for gluing your fun colors and designs onto.

Final Craft step for Your Paper Easter Egg Designs

Instructions for making paper easter egg designs.
Turn your decorated paper Easter eggs over and cut them out.

Once your glue is completely dry, turn your Easter egg designs over and cut along the egg shape line that you can see through the back.

Our finished paper Easter egg designs

paper Easter egg crafts for kids to make using coloring pages
Bright and colorful Easter egg paper craft designs.

We hope you have fun with this fun paper Easter Egg craft.

You could use them to decorate your home or they make really cute Easter cards if you just add a sentiment to the back side.


  • Printable Easter egg coloring pages
  • Scrap paper – leftover scrapbooking supplies work great!
  • Construction paper
  • Glue that dries clear
  • Tissue paper
  • Markers
  • Some optional supplies we like to use:
  • Fabric scraps
  • Decorative trim like lace
  • Ribbon
  • Leftover wrapping paper scraps
  • Glitter glue


  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush (optional)


  1. Download and print our free Easter egg coloring pages.
  2. Decorate your paper Easter eggs using scrap fabric, scrapbook paper, glitter glue, construction paper, tissue paper, pencils, crayons, or paint.
  3. Glue paper and fabric into place and set aside to dry.
  4. Once your eggs are completely dry, turn them over and cut them out.

More Paper Easter Egg Craft Ideas

Paper Easter Egg Craft - small to decorate a pussy willow tree - Kids Activities Blog
Instead of big paper eggs, make smaller ones that could be hung on an Easter tree!

We showed you how to make large paper Easter eggs above, but what about making ornament (or egg) sized paper Easter eggs with an added ribbon loop glued on the back to hang from an “Easter tree”. A really cute idea is to create an Easter tree from a bunch of cut pussy willow branches in a large vase.

You could take that a step further and use it at your Easter celebration with each person adding something they are thankful for to their decorated egg ornament.

Paper Easter Egg decorations from crafts for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Oh, so many cute Easter ideas!

We also have another fun way to decorate paper Easter eggs using construction paper.

mosaic construction paper easter egg craft
This construction paper mosaic Easter egg craft is so much fun to make!

VAriations on This Easy Easter Craft

Use markers, crayons, scrap paper, glitter, or whatever you have on hand to create a fun work of art! It’s perfect for a spontaneous crafting session. Check out another fun paper Easter craft that we made for the Imperial Sugar website where we used a sugar paste to decorate paper eggs.  This is great if you are looking for a glue alternative for this craft!


How did your kids decorate their paper Easter eggs?

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