DIY LEGO Soap Craft

DIY LEGO Soap Craft

You can make soap with toys inside! This particular soap craft uses LEGOs. Kids of all ages will love making their own soap with toys inside. It makes the bathroom more colorful and makes washing your hands so fun. This budget-friendly soap craft will make the fight of washing hands a think of the past.

Add your favorite LEGOs to a soap dispenser to make a super awesome soap with toys inside…that will make your kids WANT to wash their hands.

LEGO Soap for Boys- How To Make Soap With Toys Inside

At first glance, I knew this soap just might be some motivation for my boys to wash their hands.

I first saw Lego soap on this totally awesome site for boys. I know, girls love legos and stuff too, but this gal Jill *gets* my boys and the things they are into!

My kiddos can not resist picking up the bottle of soap and shaking it. They can’t. Genius. Then *hopefully* they will squirt some soap on their hands and actually wash them. Ha!

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Supplies Needed To Make Soap With Toys Inside

Items that you will need:

How To Make Soap With Toys Inside Like LEGOs

make a fun bottle of soap for your kids to use to wash their hands
Add your LEGOs and then add your favorite liquid soap.

Step 1

Grab your empty soap dispenser.

Step 2

Put in all of your favorite LEGOS and LEGO colors.

Step 3

Add your favorite hand soap into the dispenser now.

Step 4

Add the lid. Now…screw your soap back together.

Our Experience Making This Soap With Toys Inside

We love finding a natural hand soap that is NOT filled with all those chemicals from most antibacterial soaps.

Smells great too!  

If you have have a kiddo who breaks out and/or gets itchy hands with the harsher soaps you will love this.

And maybe, just maybe, you won’t need to holler “Did you *use* soap?” at your kids when they are in the bathroom as often.


  • Clear empty soap dispenser
  • LEGOS- The brighter the better!
  • Hand soap


  1. Grab your empty soap dispenser.
  2. Put in all of your favorite LEGOS and LEGO colors.
  3. Add your favorite hand soap into the dispenser now.
  4. Add the lid.
  5. Now, screw your soap back together.

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Leave a comment: Did your children enjoy this fun Lego soap?

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