Cover Snark: Shifter Daycare

Happy Monday, Cover Snarkers!

The Trouble with Whiskey by Melissa Foster. A man in an unbuttoned, sleeveless plaid shirt is standing by a body of water with a cloudy sky. He has a cowboy hat on and is covered in tattoos, most notable what appears to be a quilted star pattern across his pecs.

From Melodie: There is just something about his meticulously quilted pecs and the ab window that I find more giggle-worthy than seductive.

Sarah: METICULOUSLY QUILTED PECS. I am deceased. I cannot. Omg.

Oh, gosh, LKBookLover sent me this cover too. Quilted pecs for all!

Amanda: In fairness, drinking whiskey can lead to lots of troubles. (Upon reading the book description, Whiskey is the family surname on which the entire series is based. Huh.)

The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan. A shirtless man in unbuttoned jeans is trying to hold a plank pose. He has a large tattoo of California across his ribs.

Elyse: I have questions:

  1. Is that tattoo supposed to be the state of California?
  2. What is his pelvis resting on?

Maya: For a sporty boy, his planking technique is abysmal.

Amanda: In fairness, the audiobook cover is wider and they definitely did some photoshopping and blurring to accommodate. The book cover cuts off right at the bottom of the tattoo. He does look too long and noodly here.

Sarah: My former trainer would have Things to Say about that plank posture. So would my physical therapist.

Wait. WAIT. Is he about to spin around on the tip of his erection? Wheeeee?

First Comes Love by Elva Birch. The background is a blue and black bathroom tile pattern. A shirtless man is smiling down at the bottom left corner where a polar bear and penguin are enjoying a bath with two little rubber duckies.

From Laura: I find this cover quite amazing.

Sarah: I’m so confused. Who is in need of daycare? The penguin? The bear? The smooth smooth dude?

You know how sometimes waking up at 3am means coming up with things to think about so you don’t have to think about whatever you don’t want to think about (just me)? I’m adding this cover to my list. I’m going to THINK about it.

Maya: Ok is that a penguin shifter?? Or just a penguin? And also, do you think that a shifter who does a lot to change his human form (e.g., renders himself essentially hairless) would have some impact on his shifter form? What does a shorn polar bear look like?

Rescue Us by Andrew Grey. A floppy haired blond man is sitting in the grass. A fluffy, kind of glowing brown, black, and white down is sitting in the grass in front of him. Behind him is a tiger. The series title is Must Love Dogs.

Amanda: Sir, that is not a dog.

Elyse: Ghost dog returns

Sarah: Murder kitten disguised as dog

Amanda: “Oh no, I am totally dog. Very much dog over here – woof woof, see?”

Sarah: “You should…uh, you should see if my teeth need…need brushing. Yeah. Take a close look.”

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