Congress Is Fiddling While America Burns

Like many, I watched as a clip went viral that showed the state our border was in. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s an infuriating look into the total abandonment of our border by our federal government. 

As RedState reported on Thursday, the video shows illegal migrants tearing down our fencing, overrunning border guards, and charging toward the main border fence where guards were forced to shut the gate with the border guards still on the other side among the mob. 

The border crisis has resulted in no end of tragic stories of crimes, displacement, and injuries of American citizens including the brutal death of innocents. 

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And each and every one of these tragedies can be laid at the feet of the politicians in D.C., including Congress and the Biden administration. 

As I wrote previously, the federal government has a duty to protect the nation from foreign invasion and to secure our borders. However, in their hubris and desire to stay in power, our politicians have come to believe that it’s their duty to protect us from things that might change our minds about them. They see no benefit in protecting our border as they could use the influx of migrants to accomplish a lot of things such as manipulating the census, which could lead to more congressional seats opening up, giving Democrats more power. 

And that’s just one theory. 

But in the meantime, what is Congress doing? 

They’re trying to brute force the passage of a trillion-dollar omnibus bill by introducing it in the middle of the night and demanding it be passed by Friday to avoid a government shutdown. That’s hardly any time to read the bill and no time to debate it or recommend amendments. 

And that was clearly by design. As Texas Rep. Chip Roy pointed out, this bill is an “abomination” that Republicans should resist across the board. Why? Because it funds everything from the FBI, and the WHO, to abortion tourism, and transgender surgeries, and hardly does anything to secure the border.

But don’t think it stops there. 

The one thing our legislature will act unanimously on isn’t the border. It’s banning social media apps while sneaking in fun little allowances for the executive branch to censor the internet at its discretion. The only thing they seem to want to act on in any meaningful way is whatever benefits them. For instance, TikTok doesn’t seem to be the threat they claim it is, but it sure does seem like a threat to Silicon Valley, and that’s where a lot of Congress’s donor money seems to come from. 

But the hilarious thing is that they say they’re moving on websites like TikTok for your “safety.”

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The open border is literally a threat to everyone’s safety, but they don’t seem to care about that very real threat. No, they’re worried about China possibly getting your data. 

They don’t seem to be worried about China buying up a ton of our farmland or sending thousands of Chinese nationals across our southern border. No, they’re worried that China might get access to your data through a social media app, an act that would actually crash the multi-billion dollar app, which would be weird to do when they could just pay data brokers pennies to get that same information. 

All the while the Biden administration is actively trying to stop states like Texas from securing their border, going so far as to launch lawsuits against the governor for trying to keep his people safe. As people are dying at the hands of illegal aliens, however, he does want you to be very concerned about white Trump supporters. 

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We are burning as a nation. Our economy is in the toilet, our border is being overrun, crime is rising dramatically, drugs are flooding our streets, and our federal government is too busy playing games with your taxpayer dollars while ignoring your cries of outrage and panic. 

This is not our government. Our government disappeared a while back. What’s in charge now is some sort of adversarial force. A parasite that is leeching off of us while it accomplishes its own ends. 

Our politicians are a joke and they’re making you the punchline. 

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