Comer Has a Surprise Message for Joe Biden After Impeachment Inquiry Hearing That He Isn't Going to Like

As we reported, the House Oversight Committee’s impeachment inquiry hearing was rocking on Wednesday as former Hunter Biden business associates testified. The purpose of the hearing was laid out in its title: It wasn’t about Hunter as much as it was about Joe Biden — “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office.”

Witnesses Tony Bobulinski and Jason Galanis testified about how the Biden brand added to their business at the time. Hunter Biden was supposed to show up to testify at the hearing, but he didn’t. Bobulinski called him out, accusing him and Jim Biden of committing perjury in their respective behind closed-door interviews.

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As our sister site, Townhall, reported, Comer said that Hunter’s testimony conflicted with that of other witnesses. Comer explained that the witnesses had offered information “directly implicating President Biden and his family‘s influence-peddling schemes.” 

Comer detailed how this got the Biden family over $20 million dollars for no discernible services. He explained he also invited Hunter Biden so that he could be confronted with the other witnesses, but “now he was nowhere to be found.” Hunter denies his father’s role, Comer said, so this is a material conflict. 

So Comer had an interesting answer to clearing up that conflict that he announced at the end of the hearing on Wednesday: He would invite Joe Biden in to testify to address the conflicts and weigh in on these issues and explain why his family got all this money

Comer said Joe “was either used by his family” or “he knew exactly what he was doing to enrich his family.” 

“Joe Biden was either complicit or incompetent. And the American people deserve to know which one it is, which one it was, but neither is acceptable for the leader of the United States,” Comer emphasized. 

Now, you would think that the White House would want Biden to appear to clear his name. 

But immediately, we know that they can’t do that. The Hur interview was such a mess, and so exposed Biden that they can’t risk having him doing a voluntary interview because they have no idea what Biden would say in it. They can’t risk having another interview that so exposes his issues. Biden also would likely say things that would not be good on the influence-peddling front. 

White House counsel spokesperson Ian Sams tried to put down the inquiry and claim the GOP had nothing. But that was tough to do in the wake of Bobulinski’s testimony. 

The Democrats don’t have too many options. It was clear that they are not going to let Biden testify. All they can do is try to attack the evidence. 

But if Biden isn’t willing to come forward, that says a lot right there. Comer’s put them in a corner. Republicans should make hay out of it and point out what this says about Biden refusing to appear. 

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