Clinical Skin acquires Pierre Fabre Labs' brand Glytone

Premium skin care brand Clinical Skin has announced its acquisition of Pierre Fabre Laboratories brand Glytone. The 30-plus-year-old brand is known for being “a market pioneer in the use of active acids; each formula features active acids to target and treat difficult-to-manage skin conditions,” as detailed in a recent press release. Clinical Skin’s acquisition “reiterates a continued commitment to enhancing its unrivaled product portfolio and expanding its presence in the skin care industry,” the release confirmed. 

To learn more about the strategy behind the acquisition, including Clinical Skin’s long-term growth strategy, Glytone’s place in the company’s current portfolio, and the plans for further expansion in the cosmeceutical skin care industry, we spoke to Jamie Castle, CEO of Clinical Skin for her insights.

Castle’s over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry include working with companies like Medicis, Solta, and Obagi. At Clinical Skin, her focus lies in “blending innovation with luxury to redefine beauty standards globally,” she said.

Acquisition background

Castle explained, “Clinical Skin’s decision to acquire Glytone from Pierre Fabre Laboratories stems from our unwavering commitment to offering transformative skin care solutions firmly rooted in science and innovation.” Furthermore, she added, “this strategic acquisition reiterates a continued commitment to enhancing our unrivaled product portfolio and expanding our presence in the skin care industry.”

She said the addition of Glytone to the company’s product portfolio “aligns perfectly with our mission to continue to scale our offering of skin care solutions that are firmly backed by science and innovation.” As a brand rooted in ingredient-driven product formulation processes, Glytone’s “unique attributes, particularly its use of Free Glycolic Acid and its targeted skin care solutions, complement our existing offerings and strengthen our position in the skin care market,” Castle shared.

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