Chip Roy Torches Border Bill, Renames It the 'War, Debt, and Open Borders Bill'

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) added his thoughts to the chorus of legislators who are thoroughly slamming the border bill, dubbing it the “War, Debt, and Open Borders Bill.” In a thread on Twitter/X, Roy outlined some of the disastrous provisions in a way that maybe even Joe Biden could understand.

Roy also correctly analyzes it as “a trap into which some GOP willingly walk” and a “‘shiny object’ not worthy of further comment beyond immediate burial in the grave.”

Since Roy does such a great job laying it all out, we’re posting the contents of his thread verbatim here for those who aren’t on Twitter/X.

THREAD on the “War, Debt, and Open Borders” BILL: The bill is NOT well-intended. It is also not a border security bill. It is, however, a bill designed by Democrats to boost Biden against Trump by helping Dems blame Republicans for open borders, a trap into which some GOP willingly walk in order to fund an insatiable desire for endless wars.

The bill BORROWS some $118BB to fund $60BB for Ukraine, in addition to other Foreign Aid (Israel and Taiwan), plus $20BB for alleged “border security” funding which will ensure MORE border traffic, not less. The border “crisis” is a crisis not of resources or lack of authority, but rather the result of abuse of law by the President – the willing disregard of the text and spirit of laws designed to maintain operational control of the border and secure our nation – in favor of using judge-made loopholes and very limited exceptions (asylum and parole) to establish a default of “encounter and release” instead of “encounter and remove.” This is plainly true and requires Congress to act to stop it.

#HR2 and its leaner, stronger little brother #HR29, were designed by @HouseGOP to close the loopholes and force the executive to follow the law. The Senate “deal” is designed to accept and perpetuate the Democrat scam of mass migration by:

A) accepting instead of zero (#HR29, #HR2, and the spirit of current law) releases… a new default of between 1400 and over 5000 a day… but importantly, both limiting the POTUS’ requirement to act (270, 225, 180 day limits) and making the power effectively optional, and regardless, a rolling average of 4999 encounters (cartels control) can default some 1.8MM a year with no trigger,

B) exempting children (UAC’s) and family units from detention requirements increases likely abuse of children as the “ticket” to entry, and makes worse by

C) providing lawyers for certain illegal aliens, including kids (a huge magnet), all while

D) increasing even more legal immigration to the tune of 250,000 over 5 years and providing immediate work permits to those who get through the process (magnet) 

…all while claiming to fix asylum by adopting a supposedly lower but nebulous standard while funding $ billions to Biden/Mayorkas to staff up asylum officers (not judges) to make instant determinations to beat a statutory 180 day detention clock (fast track asylum) while continuing, effectively, catch and release b/c the legal loopholes (Flores Settlement) are not fixed and migrants that “cannot” be detained will be released under supervision of the “Alternatives to Detention Program” while asylum claims are adjudicated…

…while continuing the abuse of parole with very limited “reform” (nothing re: Cubans, Haitians, Venezuela, Nicaragua), in effect, encouraging its use (including through the CBP One App) to allow unabated flow through ports of entry still in the name of a “case by case” basis… 

…all this while funding the NGO’s facilitating the travel and aided by the anti-America UN (itself still fully funded by you, btw!) an additional $1.4BB to undermine US sovereignty… and adds 10,000 visas under the Afghan Adjustment Act… 

And unlike #HR2, which empowered State AG’s, this bills forced all litigation into DC Federal Courts, decidedly less protective of the interests of Texas, e.g., in the 5th Circuit. Oh, and it fails to force completion of the wall… among many other things… 

In conclusion, this bill is a partisan “uniparty” war bill masquerading as border security that perpetuates open borders, massive debt, and continued proxy wars, a “shiny object” not worthy of further comment beyond immediate burial in the grave. #SecureAmericaFirst

It’s incredible that Sen. James Lankford could spend so long negotiating this hunk of junk bill and have the courage to not only present it to the American public but to then double down and insult our intelligence for speaking out against it. We know that Speaker Johnson has already declared it DOA in the House should it reach the House in its current form; Republicans need to promote HR2 and HR29 over and over and over again, and then again, to the public to show that the GOP already has two proposals that would get the job done. Then House Republicans need to have an intervention with Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Lankford, Romney, and others (Sen. Cornyn has apparently been hearing from his constituents because he has some “concerns”) and impress upon them that they need to have a backbone.

Republicans in Congress need to not be pressured into any terrible bills. Joe Biden already has the tools he needs to immediately close the border, so let’s demand that he do that first. Those of us out here in real America are through being the party that acts first before getting what we want legislatively. It’s time for the Democrats to take action to show that they’re serious about closing the border – because we know they’re not. 

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