CA Democrat Club Furiously Backpedals After It's Learned Drag Queen Bingo Was a Key Fundraising Event

Konstantine Anthony is not a well man, as visually demonstrated by a viral video of him being spanked by a drag queen at a Democrat fundraiser over the weekend. Sadly, this seems to be a resume requirement for Democrats running for higher office these days.

In a RedState article from late July, this writer called the mayor of Burbank, California, a “low-rent Gavin Newsom” and further stated:

A socialist gadfly, Anthony managed to wedge his way into the Burbank City Council in 2020, was appointed as the city’s mayor in 2022, and a scant few months later announced his candidacy for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 2024. This is the typical pathway of the progressive Left: make enough noise, get enough attention, and rub shoulders with the right people to get to higher office without actually accomplishing anything. 

The WiseNuts are the two Armenian dads who first interviewed Anthony in the video from the above article. In that video, Anthony defended the book Gender Queer and called the Glendale parents who were protesting the LGBTQ+ grooming agenda in the schools “insurrectionist agitators” and basically alleged that Antifa, who attacked the parents protesting, were just an illusion.

The WiseNuts posted another video to their Instagram account which was taken at a Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser that Anthony attended. Anthony is clearly wanting to show the world his… intellect.


This Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser occurred September 9 and was hosted by the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats. The histress of ceremonies was a drag queen named Foxxy Roxy Wood. These are Democrats, so these types of fundraisers, even in a middle-of-the-road suburb like Santa Clarita, are totally on brand. But what is surprising is what is written on the flier:

Last time I checked (just today), “child” or its plural form “children” means a person under the age of 18. If we want a legal standard, The California Rules of Court 5.502 defines a child thusly: “Child” means a person under the age of 18 years. So, California can restrict children smoking/vaping, purchasing alcohol, getting a tattoo, or driving without restrictions until 18 years of age—but Drag Queen Bingo is perfectly okay. 

We have lost our collective minds.

But faithful Democrat activists like the lady below, who “vote Blue no matter who,” were out in force for their candidates, which included Konstantine Anthony. Her full tweet is endless and invokes the word “MAGA” ad nauseam; click on it if you really want to see the whole thing:

Swan received her share of ratios in the replies for her promotion of Anthony. 

All the canvassing and fundraisers mentioned were held in Northwest Los Angeles, an area that the Democrats are desperately trying to turn completely blue. They failed to unseat Congressman Mike Garcia in the 27th district in 2020 and 2022. Running three-time loser Christy Smith wasn’t their brightest move, so they are trying their hand with George Whitesides, former NASA chief of staff and an aerospace and tech entrepreneur. The Assembly seat, which was heavily impacted by redistricting, was flipped from red to blue by Pilar Schiavo by the slimmest of margins, beating Suzette Martinez Valladares by 511 votes; so, the term “vulnerable” doesn’t even come close to how quickly she could be picked off.

Then there is the state Senate seat currently being held by Republican Scott Wilk, who’s termed out. The Democrats are running Attorney Kipp Mueller to try and flip the seat blue; two Republicans (Valladares and D.J. Hamburger) have filed to run for the seat. As mentioned above, Anthony is trying to unseat Republican Kathryn Barger from District 5 of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, which covers Santa Clarita Valley. As a candidate running in 2024, it is expected that he would attend the event. However, one wants judgment and discretion from a mayor, let alone a County Supervisor. Being spanked by a drag queen and allowing someone to film it; well, that reflects neither. 

Anthony revealed more of his hind parts when Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok picked up on the video and decided to put a spotlight on Anthony’s behavior.

Another day, another wildly inappropriate drag show…but wait! This one’s somehow worse. At a drag-themed fundraiser for a Democratic senate candidate in California, Burbank city mayor Konstantine Anthony got SPANKED by a drag queen. And kids were present. 

Maybe this is normal behavior for him, given that he’s the same guy who approved of lewd book “Gender Queer” being available in Burbank schools.

Raichik asserts that one child is present at the event. Raichik enlarged the pictures from the above Taban tweet and included them in her article.

Feel free to take a look at other photos from the drag show fundraiser, where at least one child is pictured. 

In one of the Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser photos, there does appear to be a young person, who looks around the age of 15, seated at one of the tables.

Whether a child was present or not may be a matter of speculation, but the fact that they would even allow anyone under the age of 18 is suspect. What is even more egregious is that an elected official who wants to ascend to higher office allows himself to be spanked on camera. Even on the WiseNuts’ Instagram reel, the comments reflected disappointment, outrage, and disgust at Anthony’s behavior.

[…] As an Armenian descendant of genocide survivors, looking at a Greek man (also Orthodox, conservative in values, and genocide survivors themselves), I can’t help but wonder how proud of you your parents and relatives must be. I guess title trumps morals/values.

How do you pander to everyone and expect not to get called out? Stay out of conservative neighborhoods and run for office in cities that aspire to be the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

[…] @konstantineinca that would be cute if you were a comedian, but as a mayor that’s shameful

[…] What an embarrassment. Our city needs real leadership.

One would think Anthony would have something cogent to say about why he chose to be spanked on camera, knowing that there was the possibility of this video going public, let alone viral. Anthony is, to put it delicately, an attention whore, so perhaps that was the point. Anthony responded to the thread, essentially mocking his own constituents who expressed their displeasure with his behavior. Along with saying, “Once a comedian, always a comedian!” Anthony also posted to one commenter: “Jealous?”

Instead of addressing his own behavior and why it is not appropriate for any elected official, Anthony did the typical thing: shoot the messenger, especially since the messenger is supposedly a “right-winger.” He jumped on the Libs of TikTok thread to call Raichik a liar.

Raichik responded with facts: namely that the event invites CHILDREN 15-17 years old. Anthony gets caught in his own trap by claiming it was a private (it’s not exactly private if it’s advertised on Instagram), 21-plus event.

Three days later, Anthony is still expecting an apology from Raichik. He’ll have to wait a very long wait.

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats were also fauxfended, getting into the act by posting a statement to X.

The Santa Clarita Valley Democrats vehemently condemn the sensationalized and inaccurate use of our event for political click bait in order to promote an agenda of fear, homophobia, transphobia, and bigotry. We continue to stand in our support of the LGBTQ+ community and Drag performers.

On a busy Saturday with several independently hosted events, Santa Clarita Valley Democrats hosted a private fundraiser for our own organization. No endorsed candidates were in attendance. Our event was open to young adults over the age of 15 and no one under the age of 18 was in attendance. There were no children in attendance and as an organization, we refuse to engage with this fake outrage.

Still claiming it was a “private” fundraiser and ignoring the fact that it was a candidate – whether or not he’s endorsed yet by the group – who was being spanked, and also ignoring that the funds raised would be used to try to get their endorsed candidates elected, whether or not they attended. Shouldn’t they be more outraged that someone defines a 15-year-old as an adult when state law says otherwise and that, despite their denials, a picture from the event shows a minor was actually present? But no, Raichik is just a homophobic transphobe who posted that video for “political clout” and clicks.

To SCV Democrats and Anthony: Pot, meet kettle. The statement continues:

Drag Queen Bingo is a very popular event to host among many Santa Clarita organizations across the community; from veteran family groups to religious groups.

To lie about children, the nature of the event, or who was in attendance for political clout is shameful and sick. As Democrats, we choose to focus on the issues that actually face our community; like building an economy that works for everyone protecting our environment so future generations have a planet to live on, and fighting for working families. We will always stand with the LGBTQ+ community and against homophobia and transphobia.

Without naming Anthony, they pretty much endorse Anthony by, first of all, defending him, and also by ignoring his behavior. This is the caliber of candidates that California Democrats choose to trot out in order to fail up to higher office. Konstantine Anthony is a fabulist greatly deficient in moral fiber, and that makes him a dangerous choice for any elected position. The more Raichik and other independent journalists expose him for what he is, the more the unaware, uninformed, or just plain clueless can avoid and hopefully bypass Anthony’s gaslighting and grandstanding.

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