BLOODBATH: Mass Layoffs at the RNC; More Than 60 Staffers Will Be Let Go (UPDATED)

Immediately following her election as co-chair of the Republican National Committee Friday, Lara Trump promised that she and new chair Michael Whatley weren’t going to waste any time getting the organization into shape. That was evident Monday at RNC headquarters, where “dozens of officials” are being pushed out, according to Politico.

All told, the expectation is that more than 60 RNC staffers who work across the political, communications and data departments will be let go. Those being asked to resign include five members of the senior staff, though the names were not made public. Additionally, some vendor contracts are expected to be cut.

According to sources speaking to RedState on condition of anonymity, communications director Keith Schipper is one of the senior staff members asked to resign, while former chair Ronna McDaniel’s senior advisor Richard Walters has not been asked to resign at this time.

In a letter to some political and data staff, Sean Cairncross, the RNC’s new chief operating officer, said that the new committee leadership was “in the process of evaluating the organization and staff to ensure the building is aligned” with its vision. “During this process, certain staff are being asked to resign and reapply for a position on the team.”

The overhaul is aimed at cutting what one of the people described as, “bureaucracy” at the RNC.

The vision of the new committee leadership, Politico reported, is both a streamlining of the RNC’s structure and a merger of the operations of the Trump campaign and the RNC in which “key departments, such as communications, data and fundraising, will effectively be one and the same.” The DNC and the Biden campaign already operate in such a manner. 

Lara Trump appeared on Sunday Morning Futures this week detailing election integrity and ballot harvesting efforts the RNC would be focusing on as one of its main priorities.

So I’ll tell you right now what is already underway at the RNC. We have for the first time ever, an Election Integrity division. This means vast resources dedicated solely to this cause. 

[We’re going to have] a nationwide network of volunteers, whether it’s poll watchers, trained poll workers — these are people who can physically go in count ballots that are coming in, know how many are coming in, how many are going out — volunteer and paid attorneys.

UPDATED 3/11/24 7:30 PM Eastern:

According to two additional sources, RNC Political Director Elliott Echols; Mike Mears, the chief of staff to former co-chair Drew McKissick; and Tripp Looser are three of the senior staffers asked to resign.

In addition, the Washington Post is reporting that Trump adviser Chris LaCivita, who is also the new chief of staff at the RNC, “had complained about the staff of the RNC for several months…and long planned to make changes” and that he “had studied the organization’s payroll and employees for several weeks.”

(This is a developing story; more information will be provided as it becomes available.)

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