Biden Tells an Incredible Whopper About Being Fact-Checked, Makes Weird Comment on Birthright Citizenship

Joe Biden has been doing more events and interviews to campaign, including radio interviews that might reach more black and Hispanic audiences. 

Even though he tends to pick venues that will likely be more friendly, that hasn’t stopped him from putting his foot in it and saying a lot of things that aren’t true. 

As we reported on Wednesday, Biden did an interview with a Milwaukee radio program where not only did he have difficulty completing a sentence, he made a ridiculously racist comment about poor black families not having books in the home. He also went to a Mexican restaurant in Arizona and ended up wandering away from the podium as Cesar Chavez’s granddaughter was speaking. He also told them a lot of tall tales about the economy. 

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On Monday, he did a radio interview with Univision that was aired on Tuesday, and he told such a demonstrable falsehood it was incredible that he dared even to attempt it. 

“First of all, I tell you the truth and I’m not being facetious when I say that. I’ve never been fact checked by you or the press!” Then he attacked Trump.

My gosh, is he kidding? He lies like he breathes. He’s told all kinds of falsehoods, from making up conversations with dead people to just out-and-out falsehoods like this one. This isn’t a stutter — it’s just trying to deceive the American people. He’s been fact-checked numerous times by the press, despite the fact that most of the time, they seem to be willing to do anything to promote him. Even they have had to call him out for some of his more egregious untruths. 

I’ll just highlight a couple of fact-checks from the Washington Post. 

As we reported, Joe Biden kept telling the false story about reducing the deficit by $1.7 trillion so often that the Washington Post gave him a “bottomless Pinocchio” rating, it was that bad. Yet, he’s still repeating it, which shows how delirious/shameless he truly is. Then, he also falsely claimed his son Hunter didn’t make any money from China during his debate with former President Donald Trump in 2020. That, of course, was nonsense, and even the liberal media had to admit that wasn’t true finally when his own son Hunter admitted it during his private interview with Congress. The Washington Post finally got around to fact-checking him on it.

There are many others, and hopefully, Biden will get fact-checked for his false statement about fact-checks. 

Biden also has a tendency to make up things to pander to whatever audience he’s talking to. So when he talks to truck drivers, he makes up the story about driving an 18-wheeler. But during the Univision interview he said something weird that shows he has no understanding of the issues. 

Um, no, Joe, the term in this context is being used to refer to people born in this country to parents who aren’t citizens. Both your parents were born in this country so even if they ended “birthright citizenship,” you would still be a citizen. Why do we have to explain that to this guy? How can he be that ignorant? 

Biden is saying this to pander to the Univision audience. He doesn’t get that Hispanic Americans don’t like illegal immigration, either. They don’t like how he’s failed at the border. He’s just clueless as to what people are thinking. 

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