Biden Pledges to Blame Three Years of Border Chaos on Republican Failure to Pass 'Border Security' Bill

Joe Biden is pledging to use the repudiation of the so-called “border security” bill by Senate Republicans as the centerpiece of his 2024 presidential campaign placing the blame for three years of mass illegal immigration and chaos on America’s southern border on them.

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Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.

According to the AP, the Biden reelction campaign see this as a gift.

How it ended: Biden came close to succeeding, before it all fell apart spectacularly. Now the president is trying to make the best of it after a major congressional deal was scuttled once Republican front-runner Donald Trump got involved. And Biden is intent on showing that the former president and his “Make America Great Again” Republican acolytes in Congress aren’t really interested in solutions.

In between: There is a story of a president willing to anger his own party’s activist class in an election year, rare hope for bipartisan progress on one of the third rails of American politics, and a sudden, stunning collapse publicly engineered by Trump that Biden’s team now sees as a political gift.

This is a bizarre reading of the facts. The White House never engaged with the GOP caucus in the House. The bill released Sunday was never close to succeeding. 

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A majority of Senate and House Republicans were never going to vote to regularize a level of immigration that Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson declared to be a crisis.

The most controversial provision was one that purported to give the president the authority to “close the border” if the flow of illegal crossers reached 5,000 a day for a week. It was an outrageous idea. Back in the Obama administration, Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said a flow of more than 1,000 a day “overwhelms the system.” Johnson said 4,000 a day would “truly” be a “crisis.” The Senate border negotiators proposed to make that level, 4,000 a day, well within the range of an acceptable flow of illegal crossers. It also provided more beds and asylum officials and others to deal with the flow.


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This gambit might have worked a decade ago when the mainstream media held a virtual lock on what was reported. It could conceivably have worked four years ago when the federal government worked hand in glove with Facebook and Twitter to shutdown inconvenient information. The odds of it working today are somewhat less.

A cursory look at Border Patrol data shows when the flood of illegal immigration hit the US-Mexico border. It’s only connection with Trump was that he was no longer in the White House and the open-borders advocates Biden brought into government when he was appointed president proceeded to dismantle much of our border security.

This video is presented as tongue-in-cheek, but it will probably look a lot like the Biden campaign strategy. It is a must-watch.

But I think we can see the outlines of how Biden will attempt to camouflage the facts.

By pulling back and doing even less than he has for the last three years to defend our country, Biden can accelerate the crime and chaos that mass illegal immigration brings with it. The White House media machine that has resolutely denied a problem existed throughout Biden’s maladministration will turn the spotlight on the problem and pretend it only came into being since the McConnell-Schumer amnesty bill was rejected.

It shouldn’t succeed, but in this particular year, one can’t rule anything out.

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