Biden Completely Implodes on Charlottesville Lie, Ends Up Arguing Against Himself

Joe Biden just imploded all over that debate. 

From the constant blank-eyed look on his face to the hyper-accelerated responses that sounded like he was on something, it was truly bizarre from the outset. It was clear that if you were looking at it objectively and seeing Biden, he lost from the very beginning. 

But he really went over the slide when he began to accuse former President Donald Trump of the Charlottesville lie that he likes to tell, which was roundly debunked by Snopes this past week. Apparently, no one told Biden. 

Biden spoke about “swastikas on torches?” Biden had no idea what he was saying. But he doesn’t care, he’s just lying his head off. 

Trump just decimated him in his response. 

Trump pointed out that even the moderators knew this was a lie and that Snopes had debunked it. The moderators weren’t fact-checking anything in real-time during the debate, but Trump was right, as Jake Tapper debunked it years ago: 

Biden then even ended up arguing against himself, saying he never said Charlottesville was why he ran for president in 2020 despite the fact that he said it repeatedly. Even though it was a lie that, as we noted, was debunked repeatedly over the years, he still keeps saying it. But now the lying is going to cost him big time because he got nailed on it good live during the debate. 

It was an absolute train wreck. 


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