Beauty wellness spells greater opportunity for multi-step solutions

The latest Innova Premium Market Report, Wellness In Beauty, highlights how the wellness trend has continued to grow post-COVID-19 to provide specific opportunities in the bath, bodycare and skincare categories to help consumers reach beauty and self-care goals.

“Beauty and wellness have become more intertwined than ever,”​ said Matthews. “Nearly every beauty category, from skincare to body and fragrance, has tapped into the wellness boom. Even more so over the past two years of lockdowns as COVID-19 had the world in its grip. Consumers have actively sought out beauty products to help self-soothe, aid relaxation, ignite pleasure or simply to provide and escape from reality. Post-pandemic, wellness has become an integral part of many consumers’ lives, who want to continue investing in their wellbeing.”

Ritualistic regimens means more steps

With beauty consumers’ interest in wellness skyrocketing, ritualistic regimens are leading to the incorporation of more products that enhance the individual’s overall health and provide a sense of self-care. This spells opportunities for multitasking products or the incorporation of additional products that contribute to a heightened sense of wellbeing.

During the pandemic many consumers reported heightened stress that impacted their sleep, a phenomenon Matthews refers to as ‘Coronosomnia’. This resulted in disruption to daily lives and sleep patterns that has led to an opportunity to incorporate solutions to these challenges into beauty regimens.

In addition to stress, anxiety and depression, insomnia symptoms were commonplace and continued as the world opened up. As more becomes known about the neuroscience of sleep, sleep brands will be in a position to strengthen claims to reduce sleep anxiety and to achieve longer and more restful sleep.”

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