Ayo Edebiri is The Next Fashion It-Girl—I’m Recreating These Looks ASAP

If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I’m an Ayo Edebiri completionist. If Ayo wrote, co-wrote, produced, or acted in something? I’m 100 percent watching it. And much to my delight, I’ve discovered that off-screen, she’s just as cool—or honestly, maybe cooler—than the characters she’s played. If one thing is clear, it’s that The Bear star knows a thing or two about dressing.

If I was playing by the three-word method, I’d describe Ayo’s style as cool, menswear-inspired, and modern. We’ve seen her dressed to the nines in Bottega Veneta in jeans and a button-up while out and about—who knew there was a cool way to wear a tie in 2024—and to the contrary, on the red carpet adorned with a feathered shawl and elbow-length gloves. She’s proven that her style has versatility but remains simple and effortless no matter the occasion.

As the saying goes: When in doubt, dress like Ayo Edebiri. If you’re looking for style inspiration for this spring, you’ve found it. I’m recreating these four looks ASAP.

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If you think a button-up shirt is boring, think again. Here, Ayo takes a button-up to a whole new level by opting for a luxe, silky one and pairing it with relaxed denim. Her silver accessories and heels take the look from business-casual to going-out-worthy, and the result is a cool-girl look that deserves to be worn on repeat.

A classic pantsuit and square sunglasses

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If there’s one thing Ayo knows how to do, it’s nail a menswear-inspired look. Here, she manages to wear a suit set and crisp button-up in a way that feels modern and edgy—not stuffy. By half-tucking her button-up and allowing some midriff to show, she proves that just because she’s wearing a suit doesn’t mean she’s strictly business. Completed with loafers and square sunnies, this is a look that lives rent-free in my mind. For a more day-to-day take on this, feel free to ditch the blazer.

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A baby-blue pantsuit and silver shoes

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Baby blue is set to be one of the hottest colors of 2024, and Ayo is my inspiration when it comes to incorporating it into my wardrobe. Forget about a baby blue shirt or bag—I want to dress in it head to toe. The best part about this pantsuit is that you can take a page from Ayo’s book and wear it together or break it up and wear the blazer and trousers on their own.

A pantsuit, tee, and ballet flats

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When we said Ayo was a menswear lover, we meant it. Here, she styled yet another pantsuit in an aspirational but attainable way by opting for a cream set, T-shirt, and ballet flats. I’m personally using this as inspiration on how to style the cream trousers I already own—how good do they look with black ballet flats?—and as a blueprint for a chic, monochromatic look.

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