As Biden Hits the Hamptons for Money, Donors Are Panicking and Hatching Removal Plans

There’s a big problem that Joe Biden has to face in the wake of his disastrous debate. 

Democrats are panicking and there’s talk of replacing him, although some seem to be trying to circle the wagons around him. 

However, one of the big problems they have in politics is perception. Right now, some of the money people are very leery of running with Biden. They should have already been leery, as we’ve been calling out all the problems for a long time. Biden needs people to believe in him if they are going to get more money and support for his campaign and have any chance at all. Some think he set his chances of winning on fire with the debate.

The questions are coming fast and furious. 

There were discussions with political advisers about arcane rules under which Mr. Biden might be removed from the ticket against his will and replaced at or before the Democratic National Convention, according to a person familiar with the effort.

In Silicon Valley, a group of megadonors, including Ron Conway and Laurene Powell Jobs, were calling, texting and emailing one another about a situation they described as a possible catastrophe. The donors wondered about whom in the Biden fold they could contact to reach Jill Biden, the first lady, who in turn could persuade her husband not to run, according to a person familiar with the conversations.

A Silicon Valley donor who had planned to host an intimate fund-raiser featuring Mr. Biden this summer decided not to go through with the gathering because of the debate, according to a person told directly by the prospective host. Another major California donor left a debate watch party early and emailed a friend with the subject line: “Utter disaster,” according to a copy of the email.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Reid Hoffman wrote an email that he was getting emails from worried people. 

While the Biden campaign briefed some members of its national finance committee on Friday morning in Atlanta, other members were aghast that they had received almost zero outreach from campaign headquarters.

They’d hoped to pick up a lot of money after the debate, but then Biden’s performance threw a wrench into those plans. 

Biden is going to some big fundraisers in the Hamptons this weekend and reports are that even some attendees there are feeling hinky.

Big names, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick and Michael J. Fox and wife Tracy Pollan,are said to have shelled out as much as $250,000 to rub elbows with the president, per the East Hampton Press.

The well-heeled attendees, however, are said to be “extremely disappointed” in Biden’s fumbling debating Thursday — which raised serious questions about his mental fitness.

“Everyone paid in advance… so it could be an opportunity to encourage him to drop out,” a source attending the event told The Post.

The “official” word is that they have 200 people showing up and a lot of money coming in. 

We’ll see how the effort to get him out goes. He’s likely to lose people and donors. He’s certainly lost more voters with his performance. I wrote about Sen. Ted Cruz’s prediction on Biden’s chances of being replaced and who Cruz thought he would be replaced by. 

So far the Biden team is saying Joe isn’t dropping out, and that he will also be doing the debate in September. If he stays in, his chances look bleak right now. 


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